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Wash Atlas - Unpacking the Census 2011 Data on Water and Saintation- Maharashtra

The document is based on housing amenities data collected by the Directorate of Census Operation during May-June 2010.

The water and sanitation sector in Maharashtra has, during the last ten years, witnessed positive growth. Nearly
6.5 million new households (53 per cent of the total households) have access to toilet facilities and 3.9 million new
households have access to a drinking water facility located within the premises (59 per cent of total households).

In rural Maharashtra, in the last 10 years 2.9 million new toilets have been constructed. With over 38 million people still
practicing open defecation, of which 90 per cent are from rural areas, the state contributes 7 per cent of the burden of
open defecation in India.

Despite overall progress, a recently published joint report by the World Bank and the Ministry of Rural Development puts Maharashtra among the 22 states that will not be able to meet the universal household sanitation target (Millennium Development Goal 7) of 2015. The report also highlights that on a performance scale of 100, Maharashtra is one of the three states who have shown superior performance of above 75.

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WASH Atlas Unpacking the Census 2011 Data on Water & Sanitation, Maharashtra



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