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Children in Maharashtra - An Atlas of Social Indicators

This document “Children in Maharashtra - An Atlas of Social Indicators” is an attempt to present a comprehensive picture of the status of children in the state and is being published jointly with the Planning Department of the Government of Maharashtra.

This is a compilation of  nformation on childrelated indicators collected from published documents as well as information available on the websites of various Government ministries. We are grateful to  all of them for maintaining such vital information and making it available in thepublic domain.

This document has eight sections, namely Population and Demographics, Economic Development, Elementary Education, Maternal and Child health, HIV/AIDS, Nutrition, Water and Sanitation and Child Protection. District wise information is also available on 55 indicators. It is also an attempt to present information in easily readable and understandable ways using maps,  raphs and tables with simple descriptions.

Disaggregated data by sex, area, social group, wealth quintile and geographical area has been provided in this document; also provided is a trend analysis and comparison with national data wherever possible. This is a situational analysis of the efforts of Government of Maharashtra and all stakeholders working with children.

This document shows that despite numerous problems the situation of children on many indicators has improved but also evident is the fact that significant disparity exists among social groups, wealth quintile groups and districts.

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Cover & Index

Chapter 1- Population Demographics

Chapter 2- Economic Development

Chapter 3- Elementary Education

Chapter 4- Maternal and Child Health

Chapter 5 - Nutrition

Chapter 6 - HIV-AIDS

Chapter 7 - Water and Sanitation

Chapter 8 -Child Protection

District Level Tables

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