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Institute for Human Development - UNICEF Working Paper Series : Children of India: Rights and Opportunities

Including Children in an Inclusive Growth Strategy for the Eleventh Plan

This paper highlights the pathetic state of children in India, who are the victims of malnutrition, illiteracy, poverty, disease and deprivation on a monumental scale. The already grim situation is compounded by the persistence of social inequalities in the country, whereby the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes have the worst income-poverty and human development indicators in the entire population.

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From Poverty to Well Being - Alternatie Approaches to the Recognition of Child Rights in India

The basic argument of this paper is that a paradigm shift is urgently necessary: from mainstream approaches which tend to focus overwhelmingly on the material poverty and deprivation experienced by some children, deemed by definition to belong to households-in-poverty, to one that widens the field of vision to include both material and non-material dimensions of well-being  of all children.

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Demographic Transition, Employment Structure and MDG Goals: Focus on Child Population in Urban India

This paper analyses the activity profiles of children and young adults in urban areas, including their attendance in the education system and exit from it at different ages and their socio-economic implications, using the data from the NSS. As far as attendance in pre-primary and primary schools is concerned, it is noted that there is not much gender-related difference. 

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India’s Fiscal Policy Space for Investing in Children

This paper discusses several aspects of the fiscal policy space in India for public investments in children. With regard to the magnitude of the  overall public spending in India, the paper highlights the pursuance of a ‘conservative’ fiscal policy by the Central Government over the last decade.

In this context, it argues for increasing the overall magnitude of public expenditure in India for expanding the scope of development interventions by the government.

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The Legislative and Institutional Framework for Protection of Children in India

This paper aims to give a broad overview of the law, policy and legal institutions of child protection in India and examines the current legal issues in a rightsbased perspective. The paper discusses and critiques the laws, analyses the court trends, and gives suggestions for law reform relating to a child’s right to survival, development, protection and participation in India.

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Rising Food Prices and Financial Crisis in India: Impact on Women and Children and Ways of Tackling the Problem

The objective of this paper is to examine the analytical issues that relate to the pathways leading to the impact of the rising food prices and the global financial crisis on households, particularly women and children. The study also outlines and discusses the desirable macro level, and sectoral and social protection policies and measures that would  protect/improve the living standards of households in terms of nutrition, healthcare, education and child protection.

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