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'Gramodaya' - Innovation in Programming for Children

'Gramodaya' is a story of the work done in Jalna district in the fields of education, health and ICDS. The book deals with each issue as it happened. Some of the answers this book may provide- trying to analyse a programme, what are the bottlenecks, what mistakes are usually made, what was done, and how was it done to deliver the services successfully.

Some may remain unanswered. However, the learnings during the implementation of these programmes are a treasure, cherished forever.

'Gramodaya' literally means 'rising of village'. We consider that the title would  suit the contents of this book most. As most of us involved in rural development
programmes-whether as leaders, administrators, NGOs, the actual doers at the grass root level or the 'uncommon' men [and women]- would agree, the
emancipation of rural areas lies in innovation to bring about delivery of  programmes in a manner in which the people are participants, and not 'beneficiaries'.

As also the fact that improvements in education, health and  other software components need to take the centre stage as much as infrastructural improvements and hardware components is fairly clear to all. 

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