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In Focus 2008

Just born and surviving against all odds
Hemalata is a proud mother of a young baby boy. The only difference is that unlike most new babies born healthy, her son had to fight to survive.

Children draw a cleaner India
A picture says a thousand words. And when almost 2000 children came together with their colors, canvas, and creativity to paint the images of ‘Clean India’ they were able to say so much on sanitation and hygiene but with a new and fresh perspective.

Children assert their right to participate
They came with an eagerness to exercise their rights. They went back with a resolve to fight for their rights.

It’s a New World at Sishu Pratibha Utsav
For them it was nothing less than freedom at midnight. There were no class rooms, no teachers to dictate the day’s time table. There was more space to explore, more new things to see than they could imagine.

Navjyoti unfolds stories of courage and hope
Nine girls coming from culturally diverse backgrounds and different parts of the state have one common message to share – “Girls are not any less.”

Children’s Parliament held in Central Hall, Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly shows the way
“This parliament is more fruitful than the bigger parliament sessions. The demand for a state children’s commission must be immediately conceded to as it will give a real voice to children.”

NCC Cadets promote handwashing in Purulia
On 15 October, 2008 the first-ever Global Handwashing Day, Basanti Mudi, Bipasa Mahato and Anupama Pati along with fellow cadets of Mahatma Gandhi College at Lalpur marched the roads of Chakalta village..

Creating magic with clean hands
“Go and wash your hands.” A request, sometimes a plea and often reduced to a command by many a parent. But today, no one had to say it again. It was as if the 400 odd children had been waiting for it….

Cricket Legend Sachin Tendulkar Goes to Bat for UNICEF

Cricketers Go Handwashing
Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and his team mates are joining millions of school children around the country to lather up for better health and hygiene as part of today's first ever Global Handwashing Day.

Sanitation is serious business
The International Learning Exchange 2008 (ILE) started with a “handwash” on October 14. UNICEF’s India Representative, Karin Hulshof, washed her hands on the podium using soap and water to underline the importance of the Global Handwashing Day.

Bihar, 24 September 2008 : Reuniting survivors of Bihar floods
Over a month after the mighty Kosi river breached a barrage on the Indo-Nepal border and inundated vast areas in the eastern Indian state of Bihar, the search for loved ones is narrowing and survivors are getting help to cope with their new reality.

Orissa, 27 September 2008 : Flood victims grapple to stay afloat in Orissa
No one expected the Luna River to break into the village. On the fateful day of September 23, Minu Das (20), in her seventh month of pregnancy, was taking a nap in her thatched hut on the outskirts of the Kantapaari village in Cuttack district, Orissa.

Orissa, 21 September 2008 : Water, water everywhere.....
It is 7:30 a.m. on Sunday morning and the UNICEF Rapid Assessment team is taken aback by the scene that greets them at the office of the District Emergency Officer in Cuttack – a virtual battlefield, swamped with people, ringing phones....

Out to Make a Real Change: Kyunki… Jeena Issi Ka Naam Hai
It’s been a long day but the directors of Kyunki… Jeena Issi Ka Naam Hai are happy with the shots they have captured. After all, hard work is a small price to pay for the mission they have set out to achieve.

Woman gives birth on rooftop as Kosi overwhelms Madehpura
Sarita Devi arrived at a relief camp in Purnia District from her small village in Madehpura on 3 September, two weeks after the flood waters washed away her home. She is trying to feed her 8-day old child but the 22-year-old herself is weak.

Bihar, 2 September 2008 : Women, children worst affected as Bihar’s water woes intensify
The 18-year-old maintains a stoic silence even as her family members clamour around to explain how she lost her firstborn son to the ice-cold waters of the Kosi River.

Initial relief reaches Bihar flood victims with help from individual donors
You have seen it on television and read about it in newspapers. The floods in Bihar have caused havoc as never been seen in the state for the past 50 years - it is an unprecedented emergency.

Monsoonal Floods in India: A Situation Update
A sudden breach in the eastern embankment of the Kosi River in north Bihar on 18 August has resulted in the inundation of hundreds of villages in the districts of Supaul, Araria, Madehpura and Purnea.

Peer Educators in Valsad bring about behaviour change
“The play that the girls performed today taught me why I must wash my hands with soap before eating”, said Geeta Tandel, a high school student from village Hingraj of Valsad district.

Orissa "Meena Girl" gets international award
Orissa "Meena" girl gets Youth Action Net award for 2004

Meena Manch prevents child marriage
The Meena Manch (Girls’ Club) established in Islampur school of Goraul block in Vaishali district is unique. The first decision in the first meeting of the Meena Manch was to enroll all out-of-school children.

Sajida takes wing
Sajida, a 12 year-old Muslim give, lives with her two brothers and two sisters in Gundlav village of Valsad District, Gujarat. Her father, a businessman and mother a housewife, are not educated.

Children of Valsad take action
The handpumps of Sherimal primary school in Valsad district of Gujarat which had been out of order for more than one year are now functional. This has been possible because of the initiative of the school children.

Converging on the Mother
State specific acceleration strategies are being evolved through a series of social mobilization activities and consultations on Infant and Young Child Feeding.

World Breastfeeding Week 2008 (1-7 August)
This is the Year of Olympics. Like an athlete, a breastfeeding woman also needs support from many quarters to achieve a gold standard.

FIVE Circles of Mother Support
Family and friends compose the mother's immediate and continuous support network, which reduces stress and empowers the mother. Social support increases the mother's confidence in her ability to breastfeed.

Action Ideas for the World Breastfeeding Week
In a world where more than 10 million children die before their fifth birthday due to preventable causes, and undernutrition is rampant and associated with over one third of childhood deaths - there is no time to waste!

Saving newborn lives – Purulia’s Special New Born Care Unit
As the due date drew near, Khusboo and Gaur of Hensla village, Purulia district, West Bengal, were filled with anticipation. This was their first baby and Khusboo had carefully followed all the doctor’s instructions for antenatal care.

Pre-convention trainings on photo documentation, effective writing and facilitation
Participatory methodologies and inter-personal communication are credited the world over as powerful processes to engage with youth. “The message is in the medium” is an oft-used phrase to describe this methodology.

The National Convention of Peer Educators in Bangalore from 28th – 30th May 2008
UNICEF in partnership with NACO and other youth organizations organized a National Convention of Peer Educators from May 28 to 30, 2008.

CHALO KUCH SEEKHEN: Come on, let’s learn something new
The peer educators had an opportunity to build their skills, and enhance their understanding on a diverse range of topics during the ‘Chalo Kuch Seekhen’ – (Come on, let’s learn something new) skill building workshops

World Day against Child Labour
To meet the challenge of child labour this year World Day against child labour was globally celebrated with a special focus on education. The ILO estimates that globally there are over 165 million child labourers who work in the age group of 5 to 14.

Baby Kumari Leads The Way
No one from her family had ever been to school. Everyone in the family worked, even Babykumari’s ten-year old sister. The daily income earned by the entire family ranged between Rs 50-60. But this was limited to whenever work was available.

Building A New Future
Minarul Haque Mondal did not know of life outside his work in a brick factory. Since the age of four, when his family migrated from Assam to Rajasthan, Minar was sucked into the labour force.

A Real Life Hero
Swarupa was only 12 years old when her father put her to work on hybrid cottonseed farms in Chityala, a small village in Parigi Mandal in Ranga Reddy district, Andhra Pradesh. Every morning at 7.00 am, Swarupa would start cross pollination...

Clean India Photo Contest 2008 winners announced
Chronicling the sanitation saga through the camera, photojournalists from across the country have put the spotlight of attention on various aspects of cleanliness, water waste management and environment

Rural water quality laboratories making a difference in West Bengal
More than access to water, water quality is a challenge in the state of West Bengal. Eight out of nineteen districts of the state have excess arsenic in ground water putting the health of 3.3 million people at risk.

National Youth Convention on AIDS
The purpose of the convention is to create a platform for young voices to fight against HIV and AIDS and take up issues that affect youth in the country.

Youth Initiative for Voluntary HIV testing
‘We will not remain merely at the receiving end’, seems to be the motto of youth from Devani block in Latur district, as far as HIV is concerned. Hundreds of young boys and girls across villages in the block have shed their fears regarding HIV

Red Ribbon Express: Uniting India Against AIDS
Traversing 13 states and 92 railway stations across the country, the colourfully painted Red Ribbon Express arrived on schedule, at the Secunderabad Railway Station

Red Ribbon Express educates on HIV and AIDS in Assam
When Champa, a village volunteer from Dibrugarh, reached the Tinsukia railway station, she boarded a train but did not expect to travel. This was no ordinary train but the Red Ribbon Express

National Conference puts the spotlight on India’s Gender Imbalance
A national conference was held in New Delhi on Monday 28th April as part of the National Campaign to “Save the Girl Child”.

Comprehensive newborn care initiative launched in Bihar
Health Minister Chandra Mohan Rai was also present at the inauguration and lauded the initiative. Reaffirming the commitment of the government towards children, he declared that similar units will be opened in 23 districts of Bihar in the next one year.

Reaching the un-reached in Bihar
Polio Virus Type 1, which is the most deadly strain of the polio virus, is said to be holed up in the Kosi and Kamala riverine areas.

Global Action Week of the Global Campaign for Education
Global Action Week of the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) is taking place from 21-27 April 2008 on the theme of “Quality Education to End Exclusion” - a priority within the Education for All goals and a priority for achieving the Millennium.

Safe Motherhood Day 2008
It is a little known fact that Mumtaz Mahal, Moghul Emperor Shah Jahan’s favorite queen died due to complications related to repeated childbirth.

Kyunki to entertain-educate 40 million women thrice a week
An entertainment-education programme Kyunki Jeena Issi Ka Naam Hai is being launched on India’s national channel Doordarshan.

Entertainment will further the reach of communication
The Facts for Life Communication initiative was launched when social mobilisers working in the polio-endemic districts of Uttar Pradesh expressed the need to reach out to people with messages on a wide range of health issues.

India’s largest contributor to child mortality gears up to save its children
Sunken eyes, swollen belly, shrivelled skin. Listless, lifeless, weighing barely 4.5 kg, two-year-old Abhilasha had little hope of survival.

Giving Severely Malnourished Children a Chance
Muzaffarabad, Pakistan-administered Kashmir – Eighteen year-old Nagina is holding her daughter Sakeeba with utmost care. With a weight hardly reaching 2.1 kg when she was admitted for treatment, seven month-old Sakeeba was well below the standards for her

International Year of Sanitation 2008
The international year aims to highlight the need for urgent action on behalf of the more than 40 per cent of the world’s population who continue to live without improved sanitation.

School buildings that teach …
The Building as Learning Aid (BaLA) concept, developed by the VINYÃS Centre for Architectural Research & Design aims at maximising the educational utility of school buildings, while enhancing environmental aesthetics.

Reaching out … taking education to the unreached!
On Sunday, the 10th of February 2008, an air of palpable excitement laced the cheery sunshine bathing the Chief Minister Shiela Dixit’s lawns, as her guests milled around in anticipation of the unveiling and launch of the ‘Chalta Firta School’ Mobile Lear

Rural children learn to read young
The success of the Activity Based Learning among rural children in a Corporation run primary school at Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai needs applauding.

Emergent, integrated steps in Uttar Pradesh will slash child mortality in India
Cold and hard statistics prod us to sit up, realize the gravity of the situation and take immediate action

Citizen’s Alliance Against Malnutrition visit to Orissa
The little child in the arms of Mumbai pediatrician Dr Samir Dalwai lay still. With a fixed glaze he neither laughed nor cried although he was held in a stranger’s arms. His hands and arms were swollen.

Integrated strategies can save childrens' lives says UNICEF Flagship State of the World's Children 2008 report
Integrated Health Strategies Can Save Children’s Lives, says UNICEF Flagship, The State of the World’s Children Report 2008

Child survival - the need of the hour
Even the poorest countries facing the most difficult circumstances – including poverty, armed conflict, natural disaster or complex emergencies involving displaced populations, food insecurity and disease – can take proactive steps to boost maternal...

Reducing under-nutrition through community partnerships
In 1999, the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) survey found that 47 percent of all children under age three were underweight – a higher average prevalence than in sub-Saharan Africa.

State of the World's Children 2008
Hemalata is a proud mother of a young baby boy. The only difference is that unlike most new babies born healthy, her son had to fight to survive.

Launch of the State of the World's Children 2008 Report
Media advisory on the launch of SOWC 2008

Red Ribbon Express flagged off
1 December 2007, New Delhi: World AIDS Day acquired a special significance for India as the Red Ribbon Express (RRE) rolled out the railway tracks on a year-long journey across the country on Saturday.

Goal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability
Hemalata is a proud mother of a young baby boy. The only difference is that unlike most new babies born healthy, her son had to fight to survive.

Bringing life back from the brink
It was no celebration in Malati Bahuja’s family when she delivered a child a few days ago. With a birth weight of 920 grams, Malati and her family worried that the baby would not survive. Their apprehensions did not come without reason.

Kids cut across caste barriers, set-up their own school
The dusty, steep narrow path leads to a rectangular raised enclosure covered by a thatched roof. The floor is plastered with clay and the walls are built on columns of tree trunks.

Saving children's lives in Bihar: Partnering with NGOs for IMNCI
As Kavita Kumari sits at the Anganwadi Centre familiarising children with numbers and alphabets, mothers and grandmothers keep pouring in. They come with children who have high fever, a bruise that is not getting healed, even more serious complaints



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