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Stories From the Field 2005

The fate of three mothers
Poongadi, 23, Radhika, 21, and Panchali, 28, were in various stages of pregnancy when the tsunami struck their villages on the southeastern coast of India on December 26, 2004.

Orphans no more & and back in school - a tale of two sisters
Their home washed away, parents dead, all belongings engulfed by the unforgiving waters of Bay of Bengal yet the two orphan sisters have some thing to look forward to.

Eleven-year old foster mother - back in school
The five Krishnamurthy sisters from Pudupet, in the state of Tamil Nadu, lost their mother in the tsunami that fateful morning on 26 December 2004. Eleven-year-old Sivaranjini has taken on the role of the mother in the family,

P Amudha receives Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Promotion of Rural Sanitation in Tamil Nadu
On 15th August, 2005, at the Independence Day function in Chennai, the Government of Tamil Nadu honoured UNICEF project Officer Ms. P. Amudha with a Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Promotion of Rural Sanitation in the state.

Effective child protection through UNICEF supported `village watchdog committees'
Child protection is a well entrenched concept in the state of Tamil Nadu. Almost three years ago the Department of Social Defence of the state had set up `village level watch dog committees.’

Priority emphasis is being given by UNICEF to promoting Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illnesses as the key strategy for strengthening immunization and nutrition assessment and management at the community level in the temporary shelters.

Dealing with adolescent anaemia – a success story from Valsad district, Gujarat
A survey among adolescent girls in Gujarat's Vadodara district showed that about 75 per cent of the girls were anaemic. UNICEF then initiated a project to reduce anaemia among girls in Vadodara.

Anandshala - a model ‘school of joy’ in Bilpudi village, Gujarat
Anandshala is a success story of the model schools conceptualized and promoted by UNICEF. The school, with a focus on co-curricular activities, aims at mental and physical growth of its students by instilling among them a love of learning.

In Gujarat, Niloshi’s five-year olds enroll in school amidst jubilation
Niloshi, located at a rugged end of the Western Ghat mountains, is home to one of the most backward tribes in the state.

Iodine Uppu
Nine-year old Saravanan and his older brother Gowri Sankar talk to R Pandu Rangarao at the UNICEF IDD stall in Trichy - on what they know about iodised salt or iodised 'uppu'

Gopinath recalls Special Envoy Clinton's Nagapattinam visit
UNICEF extender Gopinath Durairajan chronicles the visit of Special Envoy Clinton to Nagapattinam

Vaccination on wheels
The search for “missing children” has taken UNICEF and other partners in the polio programme to bus stations, railway platforms, road intersections, and now into the passenger carriages of trains speeding across the plains of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar

Young People share their concerns on HIV/AIDS
150 young people from various districts of Malwa and Nimar region of central India gathered at Indore, the business capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh, on May 11th and 12th to participate in a youth convention on HIV/AIDS.

Restoring childhoods to child labourers in Tamil Nadu
These young hands should have held pencils. Instead they mixed chemicals in matchbox factories, handled worms in silk farms, or learnt to juggle several glasses together while serving customers in tea shops.

UNICEF supports teenaged tsunami survivor to bring smiles on children’s faces

The red tablet is the secret of my energy
A success story of Adolescent Girls’ Anemia Control Programme in Vadodara (Gujarat)

Girls speak out for equal access to education
Adolescent girls in India demand greater, sustained support for equal access to good quality education.

Major push for HIV affected children in India
The Indian government has announced the formation of a high-level national coalition to push for greater prioritisation of HIV/AIDS.

School sanitation programme - unexpected journey from class room to the world roundtable discussion
Rekha, an eighth standard student, is the new icon of success in the village because she was coming home after representing their country in a global conference in the United Kingdom

Home away from home, for tsunami hit children, supported by UNICEF
Nandini is all of three years old, barely able to speak, but her deep black eyes tell the sad story of having lost her mother Mrs. Anjumal, a fisher woman, to the devastating tsunami on 26 December.

Games help in alleviating children’s trauma
As we begin to talk, Vineeta, Anita and Poorna Rasi are identified as the only unlucky ones in village Pettoda in Cuddalore district to have lost two members of their family.

UNICEF partners with community to initiate a cleanliness drive in relief camps
UNICEF partnered with the government and NGOs to mobilise communities in relief camps to clean up the open defecation and build toilets for men and women within the camp area.

UNICEF brings water to parched relief camps
UNICEF drove in two trucks carrying 15 water storage tanks into the tsunami wrecked district of Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu, on 31st December 2004.



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