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Focus on Most Vulnerable Children to Save Lives
UNICEF’s Executive Director, Anthony Lake, on his maiden visit to India called for focussed investment that directly benefits the poorest of poor and the hardest to reach.

IVPP- Planning for Brighter Future
The Integrated Village Planning Process initiated by UNICEF in collaboration with District Administration of East Singhbhum in Jharkhand state aims at promoting community action, decentralized planning for improved delivery of services for children.

Improving Newborn Survival Rates
Large number of newborn deaths are preventable through safe deliveries and adequate maternal care. A Facility-Based Newborn Care Unit established with UNICEF support in Rajasthan is helping save about 90 percent of 50,000 infants admitted every year.

Community Volunteers Help Prevent Polio
Routine immunization coverage is critical for children to have immunity against polio and other diseases. UNICEF with funds from IKEA is working to implement a Child Friendly Agenda, which includes immunisation as key priority, in slums of Moradabad.

Global Handwashing Day 2010
Handwashing with soap is one of most effective and affordable health interventions known to man. Over 80 countries including India and at least 200 million children, parents, teachers and citizens are soaping up today for 3rd Global Handwashing Day.

Right to Education, Right to Play
The Queen's Baton Relay travelled through Chhattisgarh. UNICEF partnered with the Department of Sports and Youth Welfare for the event, using it as a platform to promote "Right to Education and Right to Play" for the children of Chhattisgarh.

Bringing Child Labourers Back to School
Special training programmes in Bihar currently called Residential Bridge Centres are helping former child labourers enter the school system and gives them support they need in their first crucial steps towards fulfilling their basic right to education.

Supporting Proper Breastfeeding Practices
About 1.3 million families are getting support for proper breastfeeding practices by 9000 anganwadi or female health workers in Indian state of Jharkhand.This support has been strengthened by funding of IKEA in partnership with UNICEF and Government.

Fighting Diarrhoea
Most of the 500,000 child deaths due to diarrhoea in India every year are preventable if basic information and simple treatment are made available. In the state of Bihar, this life-saving assistance is provided with support of IKEA Social Initiative.

Getting children out of cotton fields and into schools
A IKEA’s Social Initiative program in partnership with UNICEF and government of India is helping thousands of children working in India’s cotton industry in Raichur district in Karnataka to once again get the chance to stop work and attend school.

Healthy Hygiene Key for Girls Education
Adequate sanitation facilities and healthy nutrition has a positive impact on girls’ attendance in schools. Providing private and separate latrines in school and iron rich food increases the girls’ attendance rates.

Eradicating Polio
UNICEF is working with the district health department and Dargah Committee in district Bahraich of Uttar Pradesh to ensure that every child coming to the Mela is immunized and large scale awareness about the polio prevention is raised.

Getting the best start in life
Since 2006, over 1.7 million infants in Assam have been exclusively breastfed. This has protected them against under-nutrition, disease and given them best start in life. The progress was achieved by joint efforts of government, UNICEF and local NGOs.

Lighting up lives with IKEA SUNNAN lamps
As a part of the long-term and broad-based partnership between the IKEA Social Initiative and UNICEF, the SUNNAN lamps are helping to bring the light of education and knowledge into the lives of thousands of children in India.

The Needle of Hope
Positive Deviance Approach: A Boon for the Under-nourished Children in Orissa

Red Ribbon Express inspires volunteers
The Red Ribbon Club from Bedag was amongst the hundreds of groups that thronged the audio visual exhibits inside the Red Ribbon Express stationed at Miraj in Sangli district, forty kilometers from Bedad village in Maharasthra.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child
This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). We have selected some rights that are very important to all children of India. The rights are written in a way that they are easily understood.

Community Radio Connects, Educates, Entertains
Ramvati Adivasi didn’t let the fact that she can’t read or write stand in the way of her burgeoning radio career. Today she’s conducting interviews, editing programs on the computer and performing scripts as a member of newly inaugurated Dharkan 107.8 FM.

India's Right to Education Act
The landmark Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009 is the building block to make schools in India more child-friendly, ensuring both equity and quality for India’s 134 million children enrolled in primary school.

Global Handwashing Day 2009
Ten million students and 250,000 gram panchayats across India today celebrate the second annual Handwashing Day by demonstrating the correct way of washing their hands with soap, the best protection against diarrhoea and influenza.

Cyclone Aila swept away their lives
The emergency situation across parts of West Bengal remains grim with close to 195,000 people still living in 485 relief camps following cyclone Aila, which hit the state last month.

Changing Children’s Destiny
Community mobilisation efforts in rural Andhra Pradesh helps keep children away from work but in classrooms. UNICEF with support from IKEA Social Initiative is implementing a child rights programme in Andhra Pradesh.

Giving Girls a Chance - Today and Tomorrow
UNICEF with support from IKEA Social Initiative is implementing a child rights model in the state of Andhra Pradesh that increases children’s, particularly girls, access to a rights-based and quality education.

Changing lives, changing the future
In India, IKEA Social Initiative partners with UNICEF to develop integrated, community-based, sustainable approaches to improve child survival. Parul Tanti, an AWW in rural Assam, is kept busy by the children who need her attention and care.

Reaching out to make a difference
IKEA Social Initiative supports UNICEF in making a difference to child health and survival in India. This photo essay profiles Momi Doley, an ANM. ANMs across the country help link their communities and hard-to-reach populations to health care services.

Children’s Parliament in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
The UP State Legislative Assembly has shown the way by inviting 60 under privileged children from different parts of the state to hold a Children's Parliament in the Central Hall of Parliament. The proceedings were recorded by the Assembly Secretariat.

International Year of Sanitation
India is committed to achieving full sanitation coverage by the year 2012,even though almost 40% of the rural population still do not have toilets.Scaling up has been a priority and a total of 3.0 billion US dollars have been earmarked for the programme.

Rehabilitating flood victims in Bihar
The flood situation in India has significantly worsened in the last few days and the humanitarian situation due to flooding in northern Bihar continues to be precarious.

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Polio: no place too far
This photo feature demonstrates the enormous challenge in reaching children in the high risk areas of Bihar. The trip to Sunita, a polio-affected child in Saharsa in the Kosi river area, was undertaken by SMNet Bihar team members.

Girl child in India

The girl child in India
This photo essay showcases the lives of fourteen girls living in fourteen different states in India and shows what they all have in common – the constant struggle to get an education. Mithu Goswami, 8, from Assam, has had health problems since birth.

Eradicating Polio
India currently has 185 cases out of which 136 belong to the P3 strain virus – Uttar Pradesh has 133 of these. Bihar does not have a single P3 case at the moment and the P1 monovalent vaccine continues to be used in the state.

Girl Stars
UNICEF India in partnership with NGO “Going to School”, launched ‘Girl Stars’, a multi-media project .

60 years of progress for children
UNICEF's milestone progress in India over the last 60 years. With joyful learning and awareness about HIV/AIDS, UNICEF has left its mark in different segments of Indian society.

Girls' Education: Returning to Thangaselvi
Thangaselvi’s family and her teachers played an important part to the recovery and seemed to provide a matriarchal support system for the sisters to help the children over-come the loss of their mother and regain some sense of normality to their lives

Child Survival in India - A serious issue

Child Survival in India: A Serious Issue
An Unacceptabley large number of newborns and young children in India die unnecessarily. Teenage pregnancies, continuous physical labour, malnutrition, ill health and lack of rest put mother and baby at great risk.

Polio campaign underway!
An intensive polio campaign is underway across several states in India this week to fight back against a polio outbreak. 60 cases have been reported so far this year. This photo essay captures images of Polio Sunday in Moradabad, western Uttar Pradesh.

UNICEF IKEA Child Labour Elimination Project
India has the highest number of child labourers, under the age of 14, in the world. In partnership with IKEA, UNICEF is implementing a child labour elimination project in the carpet weaving belt of Uttar Pradesh. These images are from the project.

Malnutrition - India's silent crisis
Despite remarkable improvement in India on almost all fronts since the country's independence, undernutrition remains one of the most critical challenges for development planners today.

Child survival - the need of the hour
In India roughly two-thirds of infant deaths occur in the first month of life. Underlying causes of infant and maternal deaths include insufficient home care, failure to seek appropriate assistance, and inadequate access to quality health care.

Fluorosis - mitigating the scourge
More and more children are getting affected by Fluorosis due to high fluoride content in water as well as some food crops irrigated by fluoride contaminated water from tube-wells in the districts of Jhabua and Dhar in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Maternal Mortality - the challenges
This photo essay is a glimpse into the lives of pregnant women in rural India and their day-to-day trials, irrespective of the region they belong to.

Polio Immunisation Day - Ferozabad (Uttar Pradesh) 26 February 2006
This photo essay by UNICEF’s Michael Galway captures some of the women at work mobilizing children to the polio booth in Ferozabad city, western Uttar Pradesh on Polio Sunday, 26 February 2006.

Children going back to school
UNICEF is assisting the tsunami ravaged areas of Cuddalore and Nagapattinam districts in the state of Tamil Nadu to `build back better’ by providing books, toys, school furniture, and also psychological support to the children affected by the tsunami.



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