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State of World Children Report - Children With Disabilities


Children with disabilities have a much greater role to play in societies, according to UNICEF’s annual The State of the World’s Children report.

This year, UNICEF’s flagship publication highlights not just the challenges of the estimated tens of millions of children who live with disabilities, but also the contributions they can make, if allowed to achieve their ambitions. It says that concentrating on abilities rather than disabilities would benefit society as a whole.

“When you see the disability before the child, it is not only wrong for the child, but it deprives society of all that child has to offer,” says UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake. “Their loss is society’s loss; their gain is society’s gain.”      

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Discovering Colours In Darkness

At the visually impaired residential camp, here in Maghra, in the Nalanda district of Bihar, 42 children inclduing 12 girls are getting chance to get integrated into mainstream education 

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In Their Silent World, Twin Sisters Dream Big

Of all her students in the KGBV who sit for the extra class after school, the petite Preeti Kumari stands out. With her expressions louder than words, no sooner does Sinha finish writing a word on the board, Preeti immediately stands up and uses her expressive eyes and swift hand movements to define the meaning.

Photo Essay

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

For Sulekha and 24 other students, who are the first batch of girls with disability to be a part of the Kasturba Gandhi BalikaVidyalaya and living a mainstream life, it is a whole new world.

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