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World AIDS Day 2012

On World AIDS Day: More pregnant women and children must get treatment

New HIV infections in children are down, but reaching the goal of an AIDS-free generation requires that more HIV positive pregnant women receive antiretroviral treatment to decrease the risk of infection for their babies.

Thanks to remarkable global commitment, the world has seen a 24 per cent reduction in new HIV infections in children – from 430,000 in 2009 to 330,000 in 2011. In India over 14,000 children got infected in 2011, with a 13 per cent decline from 2009. The number of estimated deaths among children (0-14 years old) due to AIDS was 10,213 in 2011.

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Raising awareness about HIV to the rhythm of the Red Ribbon Express

In the coaches of RRE, HIV tests are conducted; workshops are carried out and various visual representations—advertisements, short films and photo exhibitions—are hosted.  The train is embellished with a series of punch lines like ‘Zindagi Zindabad!’ (Long Live Life) and ‘Uniting India against AIDS’.

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Photo Essay: United in Fight Against AIDS
The total number of people living with HIV in the country has seen a decline from approximately 2.3 million to 2.1 million. The drop has been much higher among men (16 per cent) than among women (2.6 per cent).

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Sheroes: A role model in fighting AIDS

I admire my determination and my will power. I just refuse to give up. I will never give up without a fight

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