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Saving New Borns in MP

By Anil Gulati

SHIVPURI, India, 18 June 2012 - On Thursday last week, a nurse from maternity wing rushed a new born baby to the Special New Born Care Unit (SNCU). The baby, just a minute old, lied still. He hadn’t cried post his birth. The silence was deafening.

Outside the SNCU, the baby’s aunt was inconsolable. Tears rolled down her face as she kept praying for divine intervention. But deep down, she was confident, that the little one will make it.

After all, the baby was at the right place and more importantly in safe hands. The SNCU in Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh is equipped with state-of the-art specialized medical care facilities and has, till date, saved lives of more than 6000 new-born babies.

The nurses within seconds put the little-one on the incubator and started reviving him. Minutes later, a faint cry escaped the tiny lips announcing the arrival of the new one to the world. Everyone at the SNCU was delighted and more so the baby’s aunt who went to every doctor, every nurse and every paramedic at the SNCU and thanked them personally for saving the child.

Few minutes between life and death was heart rendering but happiness prevailed and life won.

The baby will leave the SCNU in few days, but for time being he will be under the safe watch of doctors and nurses at SNCU.

Funded from NRHM and support from UNICEF, the SNCU in Shivpuri provides 24x7 institutional care for infants.

Thirty-eight such SNCUs exists in Madhya Pradesh and are helping save lives of thousands of children in the state.

Send a congratulatory message to doctors, nurses and paramedics working at SNCU in Madhya Pradesh who are working very hard to make sure the news ones get better start to life.

Needless to say, they would be happy and very encouraged to do more such work with more zest and vigour. The selected messages will be printed on a special UNICEF card and handed over to SNCU administration.

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