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Emergencies - Real Lives

Immunizing children against measles in Alia affected areas
Special drive on measles vaccination and Vitamin A for 6 months - 5 year old children started in 7 Aila affected blocks of West Bengal

Cyclone Aila: A Situation Update
Special drive on measles vaccination and Vitamin A for 6 months - 5 year old children started in 7 Aila affected blocks of West Bengal

Cyclone Aila: A Situation Update
To date, 137 people have died and an estimated 6.7 million people have been affected by the cyclone in the state.

UNICEF responds to cyclone affected families in West Bengal
‘UNICEF has moved additional 230,000 ORS packets and 25,000 water jerry cans for the affected districts of West Bengal following the devastation wrecked by cyclone Aila that hit on May 26, 2009

Cyclone Aila: A Situation Update
– One hundred and twenty-five people have died and an estimated 6.2 million people have been affected following the havoc caused by cyclone Aila.

Cyclone Aila swept away their lives
Fourteen of the delta’s 37 Islands remain inaccessible after the cyclone hit on May 27, 2009. To date, an estimated 10.2 million people have been affected in the state of West Bengal, India

Empowering vulnerable communities through flood mitigation efforts
NEW DELHI, 15 April 2009: UNICEF has completed the 11-month long Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction (CBDRR) project in Bihar, India. About US$ 700,000 million (520,000 Euro) was provided by ECHO to support this project.

Empowering Vulnerable Communities through Flood Mitigation Efforts
UNICEF has completed the 15-month long Community-Based Disaster Preparedness (CBDP) project in West Bengal, India.

"Hamar Gap Suni Na" - Early Recovery Programme for Flood Mitigation in Bihar
35-year old Rajkumaridevi Mandal Kumar Chopal is a resident of Lalpatti village of Ghanshaympur block in Darbhanga district of Bihar, considered one of the most backward areas due to its remoteness from the district headquarters.

RYTHM Foundation supports Bihar flood rehabilitation projects
The RYTHM (Raise Yourself to Help Mankind) Foundation donated $30,000 towards UNICEF’s Water and Sanitation programme in the flood-affected districts of Bihar.

UNICEF helps to reunite families
On October 1 2008, 15-year old Bijli Kumari and her 10-year old brother Vikas Kumar were found alone and unaccompanied by workers attached with Sambal programme at Banmankhi Junction of Banmankhi block in Purnia district of Bihar.

Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction conference held at Kolkata
A three-day conference on Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction (CBDRR) organized by UNICEF in partnership with the Government of West Bengal, Sphere, India, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and RedR India was held in Kolkata from 26-28 Nov08

“The floods did not take away my spirit to learn…”
The Life Skills Training programme was initiated by the Bihar Education Project Council (BEPC), Government of Bihar (GoB), in collaboration with UNICEF for adolescent and young girls to be trained on essential life skills.

West Bengal, 10 October 2008 : An idea shared - an intervention doubled
Leading from the office of Social Welfare Institute (SWI) an NGO in Raiganj, Uttar Dinajpur in the state of West Bengal, we reach a junction where two paths meet, one marked by banners of UNICEF and the other with CARITAS (International NGO)..

Bihar, 24 September 2008 : Reuniting survivors of Bihar floods
Over a month after the mighty Kosi river breached a barrage on the Indo-Nepal border and inundated vast areas in the eastern Indian state of Bihar, the search for loved ones is narrowing and survivors are getting help to cope with their new reality.

Orissa, 27 September 2008 : Flood victims grapple to stay afloat in Orissa
No one expected the Luna River to break into the village. On the fateful day of September 23, Minu Das (20), in her seventh month of pregnancy, was taking a nap in her thatched hut on the outskirts of the Kantapaari village in Cuttack district, Orissa.

Orissa, 21 September 2008 : Water, water everywhere.....
It is 7:30 a.m. on Sunday morning and the UNICEF Rapid Assessment team is taken aback by the scene that greets them at the office of the District Emergency Officer in Cuttack – a virtual battlefield, swamped with people, ringing phones....

Monsoonal Floods in India: A Situation Update
The major humanitarian crisis in Bihar continues with poor environmental conditions in flood affected areas now posing a serious risk of disease outbreaks.

Woman gives birth on rooftop as Kosi overwhelms Madehpura
Sarita Devi arrived at a relief camp in Purnia District from her small village in Madehpura on 3 September, two weeks after the flood waters washed away her home. She is trying to feed her 8-day old child but the 22-year-old herself is weak.

Monsoonal Floods in India: A Situation Update
According to government estimates, nearly 20 million people nationwide have been affected by floods this year and more than 1 million houses have been damaged.

UNICEF India chief reaffirms commitment towards Bihar's children
"We were in Bihar yesterday, we are there today and will be there tomorrow" Ms. Karin Hulshof added, emphasizing UNICEF's continued and long term support to the children and women of Bihar.

Support rehabilitation in Bihar
Almost 3.3 million people have been affected by the floods in Bihar and about 300,000 houses have been destroyed, causing a humanitarian crisis of unforeseen dimensions.

Bihar, 2 September 2008 : Women, children worst affected as Bihar’s water woes intensify
The 18-year-old maintains a stoic silence even as her family members clamour around to explain how she lost her firstborn son to the ice-cold waters of the Kosi River.

Initial relief reaches Bihar flood victims with help from individual donors
You have seen it on television and read about it in newspapers. The floods in Bihar have caused havoc as never been seen in the state for the past 50 years - it is an unprecedented emergency.

Monsoonal Floods in India: A Situation Update
A sudden breach in the eastern embankment of the Kosi River in north Bihar on 18 August has resulted in the inundation of hundreds of villages in the districts of Supaul, Araria, Madehpura and Purnea.

UNICEF action in flood affected East and West Midnapore districts of West Bengal
Sumitra studies in Class Four in a government run school at Patashpur. For the last four days she has not gone to school because her school is under water.

Learning continues for flood displaced school-children of Uttar Pradesh
This July, floods hit the eastern and northern part of the state with fury, leaving hundreds dead and millions homeless.

Children respond to healing touch in times of distress
This year, Bihar was devastated by floods said to be unprecedented in terms of severity and damage.

UNICEF’s response in Water and Sanitation Sector
Till the end of September, the flood situation in Bihar remained grim, with 22 districts and more than 20 million people affected. There was no let-up in the flood situation as the swollen Bagmati, Kosi and Gandak rivers

Bihar: Schools resuming despite floods
Patna, September, 18, 2007: Kusum Kumari, a student of class V has good reason to rejoice, in spite of being displaced by floods. She has an Alternative Learning Space (ALS) being run by her own school teacher in the Bargamma Gachi camp in Kalyanpur block

Maternity huts aid safe deliveries in flood-affected Bihar
Samastipur, September 6- In a unique initiative to ensure that pregnant women have access to proper medical care during the floods; UNICEF and the Government of Bihar have set up maternity huts to provide medical care to expecting mothers.

Combating malnutrition on an emergency footing in Bihar
East Champaran, Bihar, September 6, 2007: At a Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre in East Champaran, little Azad clings to his mother Fatima and cries every time she tries to move. Azad is three years old, but one can never tell by his emaciated body.

Dodhia – A Mishing island in Brahmaputra
Dodhia is one of the innumerable riverine islands (chars) in the Brahmaputra that is home to about 10 percent of Assam’s population. Inhabitants of the Char are normally far removed from most governmental benefits.

Bihar: Maternity huts set up for flood-hit
Samastipur, Bihar, 30 August 2007: UNICEF and the Bihar government have come together with an innovative idea for providing medical care facilities to expecting mothers in the flood affected areas and set up maternity huts.

Bihar: emergency medical supplies rushed to prevent disease outbreak
Bihar, August 23: “Water, water every where” is the scenario all around in most districts of Bihar, which is experiencing the most devastating floods in recent memory.

Special camps provide supplementary nutrition to pregnant and lactating mothers and children
Muzaffarpur, Bihar, 22 August 2007: Within minutes of Neelam Devi and her team arriving in Dronpur, a large number of women and children rushed, wading through waist-deep flood waters, to line up in a queue to receive the delicious “Khichdi”

UNICEF Mobile Clinics launch relief operations in flood affected Uttar Pradesh
Floods have become an unfortunate annual occurrence for hundreds of small hamlets lying in the basin of major rivers in Uttar Pradesh.Every time the swelling river cuts in, turning their low-lying hamlets into a string of islands, it becomes a.....

India Floods Update: 20 August 2007
The flood situation in Bihar continues to be grim following fresh, heavy rains over much of the earlier affected areas. The situation may worsen with major rivers rising due to rains in the upper reaches of Nepal and catchment areas.

India Floods Update 13 August 2007
Bihar and Uttar Pradesh continue to remain the worst affected states in India. The flood situation in Assam, Orissa, and Gujarat is under control.

Women and children bear the brunt of flood havoc in Bihar
East Champaran, Bihar, 8 August 2007 – Three days after giving birth to her son, 30-year-old Subhagi Devi had to make a midnight escape from the floods that submerged her village in East Champaran, Bihar.

Children vaccinated, people treated at medical camps
10 August 2007, Bihar: As she receives vaccination against measles at a medical camp near the embankment in Salaha in Bihar's Muzaffarpur district, four-year-old Kusum will be safe from measles in case there is an outbreak.

UNICEF galvanizes partners for flood relief in Uttar Pradesh
Silauta Village, Bahraich District, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA: It is a wet August morning and four year old Kishori is playing with her friends on a narrow stretch of an elevated embankment.

UNICEF Briefing Note Floods 2007 – India Special Update on 3 August 2007
The flood situation in the two north Indian states - Bihar and Uttar Pradesh has worsened over the last 2-3 days. These states are the densely populated and have large number of poor and vulnerable people.

Saving lives in Balasore
Balasore, Orissa state, India, 12th July 2007 : Mainu Hansda lives in the tribal colony at Dunda, a village with 900 people, one of the 1185 flood affected villages in Balasore district.

Six weeks old survives floods emergency in Orissa
Seeta recalls the day they had to move from their house in Kothia Village, Balasore District in Orissa with her six weeks old daughter Badhia.

UNICEF relief material reaches children in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh
Monsoons surprised everyone with its early arrival this year. Its early onset over southern India last month with excessive downpour for four continuous days left the state of Andhra Pradesh in disarray with 41 human deaths and about 10,000 cattle deaths

Monsoon fury claims 130 lives across India
Heavy rains lashed most of central and southern parts of India in the first phase of monsoon rains this year. Media reports indicate that 130 people have died in the downpour across the country.

Strategic partnership with RedR
In order to enhance its technical and operational capacity in responding to emergencies, UNICEF signed an agreement with RedR India in 2007 to provide specialist and multi-sectoral support in emergencies across the country.

Sphere–Unified Response Strategy (URS) Preparedness Activities
UNICEF India, one of the lead members of Sphere India offered to support the concept design and pilot phase of the initiative, and is currently funding it.

Preparing for the monsoon
India has a love-hate relationship with the annual weather phenomenon called the Monsoon. With over 50 percent of the economy depending on agriculture, she can’t do without it. But what the monsoon does with India – is the other part of the story.

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