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Washing Hand Together for a Better Future
By Neha Khattor GUWAHATI, India, 21 November 2014 - As the clock strikes 12, eight students guided by a teacher come marching out of their classroom towards a 10-feet-long hand washing trough. Maintaining an arms distance from each other, they walk in a

IYCF Centres Helping Children Get Better Start To Their Lives
PATNA, 3 August, 2014 - "I am very happy with my child gaining weight but sometimes it its difficult to breast-feed and then I feel I should start bottle-feeding. But then I draw on my strength and continue to exclusively breastfeed my child.

Sanitation Champions Make a Stink!
Stockholm, 3 September 2014 – Speakers at an event organized by UNICEF around World Water Week in Stockholm challenged the way international development partners and governments currently approach talking about open defecation.

Maharashtra government, YASHADA and UNICEF Take First Step Towards Convergence on Adolescent Programming
MUMBAI, 12 August 2014 - Maharashtra’s top policymakers, eminent civil society stakeholders and specialists from UNICEF and YASHADA came together at the Yashwantrao Chawan Pratisthan in Mumbai today to ponder the question: Can we think of a convergent ap

UNICEF, Maharashtra Jointly Launch Anti-Diarrhoea Campaign
MUMBAI, India, 29 July 2014 - In a landmark step in fight against diarrhoea, UNICEF and government of Maharashtra have come together and launched a fortnight-long campaign to prevent disease that is responsible for the deaths of over 4,700 children.

Fastest Decline in Child Stunting Cases - Maharashtra Leads By Example: New Report
MUMBAI, India 7 August 2014 - A new report launched jointly by UNICEF and the Institute of Development Studies, UK is calling for effective public action to tackle childhood stunting by citing the case of Maharashtra

Making a stink: creating social media platforms to end open defecation
A side event hosted by UNICEF at World Water Week, Stockholm

India Is Now Polio Free
NEW DELHI, India, 05 August 2014 – It has taken almost two decades (1995 to 2014) to eradicate polio in India. At an inspiring event in New Delhi on 27th July 2014, UNICEF celebrated India’s victory over polio and put the spotlight on the thousands of fro

Bringing Migrant Labourers Children Back to School
Thanks to social protection schemes that links migrant labourers to government schemes and guarantee them income security, Sakshi along with 5,000 children has returned to school.

Thank your hero – a crusader in Rajasthan who freed her village from child labour
Had it not been for the efforts of this persevering 'Anganwadi' worker and teacher from the village of Bhuja, her village in Rajasthan would have topped India’s child labour index.

Thank Your Hero: Linking the Needy to a Better Life
Thanks to Arun’s guidance and assistance, Pochanna and 50 other families now receive monetary support from the government each month to make ends meet.

Giving Children A New Start To Their Lives
Thanks to the social protection schemes such as palanhaar and efforts made by the NGO Mahan Seva Sansthan supported by UNICEF, the young ones are back in school.

Special: World Day Against Child Labour 2014
This year, World Day Against Child Labour draws attention to the role of social protection in keeping children out of child labour. Social protection enables access to education, health care and nutrition and plays a critical role in the fight against chi

Thank your hero – Giving Children Best Start to their Lives
Jayanti is one among the many ASHAs who work tirelessly to make sure every child in India is immunized against life threatening diseases. Importantly, Jayanti, like other ASHAs in the country do this job as part of their community service.

Thank Your Hero - Immunizing the last Child
By Neha Khattor GUWAHATI, India, 21 November 2014 - As the clock strikes 12, eight students guided by a teacher come marching out of their classroom towards a 10-feet-long hand washing trough. Maintaining an arms distance from each other, they walk in a

Alternate Vaccination Delivery System Reaches The Unreached
Drivers and ASHAs like Purnachandra and Sushanti are the back bone of the innovative Alternative Vaccine Delivery System (AVDS), that has reduced vaccine shortage, improved vaccine quality and ensured regularization of immunization of children and pregnan

Fighting Together to Defeat A Common Enemy
It took three years, a brave mother, a determined Community Mobilization Coordinator, a conscious imam, a pro-active gram pradhan and a concerned doctor to get Naeema’s third child, Zaid vaccinated.

Special- World Immunization Week
In India, Routine Immunization (RI) programme caters to a birth cohort of 27 million infants and 30 million pregnant women saving the lives of 400,000 children annually. The full Immunization coverage in India has increased from 35.5 per cent in 1992-93 t

Thank Your Hero - Helping to Make RTE a Possibility on Ground
PATNA, Bihar, India - 31 March 2014 - Rampal Sharma firmly believes that the future of the world will be only bright when every child in this world is educated, and he calls on India's citizens to remove the hurdles that children face on their way to a su

RTE Makes Difference To Children From Weaker Section in Rajasthan
AIPUR, Rajasthan, India, 2 April 2014 - Four-year-old Akansha lives with her grandparents who work as cobblers at Indira Colony in Dausa in Rajasthan while her parents are daily wage labourers in neighbouring Jaipur.

SMCs bringing back students to classrooms in remote Uttar Pradesh
MAHARAJGANJ, UP, India, 19 April 2014 - Nestled against the backdrop of the Himalayas and lush greenery is Uttar Pradesh’s last frontier in the east, the Maharajganj district. Villages here rise with the sun and get lost in the darkness as dusk falls.

Innovative Learning Course Impacts Teaching in Classrooms
The efforts of Ashok Kumar and 10,800 other elementary teachers are bearing fruit. The innovative open distance learning course that teachers in 27 districts across Bihar are undertaking, free of cost, is already benefiting not only teachers but also stud

Thank Your Hero - Creating a World Of Soaring Hopes
A story of young teacher who left her home, stayed in the village, went to door to door and increased the enrolment of the school from mere 10 students in 2008 to 206 students now.

Thank Your Hero – Dr Kailash Maurya
Twice winner of the Ideal Teacher Award at the district and block level, in his 12 years as a teacher, Kailash Maurya has managed to bring over 600 kids, mostly from Schedule Tribes, to school in remote part of Uttar Pradesh. This wonderful teacher now ha

Kangaroo Mother Care: Replicating the womb
A unique method of newborn care is helping babies overcome low birth weight and make a better start in their lives...

Special: Stock Taking Report - Four Years of The Right To Free and Compulsory Education
Join us while celebrating the 4th anniversary of #RTE Act and taking stock of the progress achieved and the challenges ahead. We will share with you some exemplary initiatives from various states in India that show the way forward.

Community Takes Lead in Making Gadri Open Defecation Free
Thanks to the diligence and faith of Sanika Oraon, the mukhiya (head) of Gadri village in Jharkhand and volunteers like Sunita Oraon with support from Jharkhand Government and UNICEF, Gadri has become the first Open Defecation Free village in Jharkhand

Special - International Women's Day
On International Women's Day today, we pay tribute to all the women and girls who are doing exemplary work to improve not only their lives but also those of their families and communities.

This Peer Educator Inspires Her Entire Community
Akanksha Bapuji Mashirkar is changing mindsets in her village and is working hard towards making it open defecation free. As a young leader, she has changed the lives of a number of girls in her community.

Nalgonda’s SNCU: Changing the face of neonatal care in Andhra Pradesh
A stand-alone unit, designed with the technical support of UNICEF, the Nalgonda SNCU is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery including and has round-the-clock specialist doctors, trained nurses and auxiliary staff members.

Breaking The Final Frontier
Meet Hakeem Syed Masoom Ali Azad, one of the many heroes who led India to the victory over polio. India has completed three years without any case of polio. India’s accomplishment paves way for polio-free certification of 11 member countriesof South Asia

Thank Your Hero: Towards a Polio Free India
BADAUN, 17 February 2014 - Meet volunteer Gulshan Bano, one of the thousands of frontline workers who have made possible for India to not report any case of wild poliovirus over the last three years. Officially the entire South East Asia Region will be ce

Brave Girls Say No To Child Marriage!
On the National Girl Child Day celebrated today, join us in congratulating a group of brave girls from Maharashtra who faced tremendous challenges but were resolute in their determination to say an emphatic NO to child marriage. These girls didn’t just re

Three Years of RTE: Highlights, Challenges and Way Forward
NEW DELHI, India, 20 January 2013 - Participants at the ‘National Convention on the progress of the Right to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE)’ reiterated the need for accelerated and effective implementation of RTE in India,

Special: 3 Years Since Last Case of Polio
This is a monumental milestone for India, which until 2009 accounted for more than half the world’s polio incidence with 741 cases of polio paralysis.

Special: World AIDS Day
More than 850,000 infants saved from HIV since 2005, but alarming trends seen among adolescents

ECOSAN Toilets Change Venu’s Village
KRISHNAGIRI, India,22 November 2013 - Till 2008, every family in Pongvnantnagar village didn’t use toilets and defecated in the open, putting at risk the health of inhabitants as well as the dignity of women.

India’s bid to Becoming Poo-Free and to Reduce Stunting
Tackling India’s pervasive open defecation problem could be a significant part of the answer to saving millions of children from stunting

Special: Global Handwashing Day 2013
As the world observes the 6th annual Global Handwashing Day, new figures from UNICEF say 1,400 children under five still die every day from diarrhoeal diseases caused by a lack of safe water, sanitation and basic hygiene.

Special arrangements for special children, and others, in Bihar’s schools
The construction of the child friendly water and sanitation (WASH) facilities in Vandana, Moonmoon and Mithilesh’s school is the result of a pilot project of the education department of the Bihar government, with support from UNICEF Bihar

Child cabinets maintain hygiene fund for cleaner schools
By Neha Khattor GUWAHATI, India, 21 November 2014 - As the clock strikes 12, eight students guided by a teacher come marching out of their classroom towards a 10-feet-long hand washing trough. Maintaining an arms distance from each other, they walk in a

Special: International Day of the Girl Child
Despite the decreasing number of girls out of school, too many around the world are still denied a quality education and a chance to reach their full potential.

Community teams up to bring girls back to school
Ten-year-old Khushi Mena and her friends are happily going through their lessons in their school located in the remote village of Kitoda, Udaipur district, in northern Indian state of Rajasthan.

Policing with a child and gender sensitive approach
Initiated by the Karnataka state police, and supported by UNICEF, this project aims at bringing about an attitudinal change in the police force while dealing with cases of abuse and violence related to women and children, as well as updatetheir knowledge

Brave teenager fights for children’s rights
KURNOOL, India, 12 September 2013 - Savitri has always been the fighter in her family, crying, if necessary, to get her way through. This is how she convinced her parents to enroll her in a school—the only one among seven siblings who managed to do that

A system to respond effectively and sensitively to violence
The Gender Sensitization and People Friendly Project (GSPP), an ongoing project which aims at bringing about an attitudinal change in the police force while dealing with cases of abuse and violence related to women and children

Adolescent Girls, Community Elders Join Hands To Create A Child Protective Environment
By Neha Khattor GUWAHATI, India, 21 November 2014 - As the clock strikes 12, eight students guided by a teacher come marching out of their classroom towards a 10-feet-long hand washing trough. Maintaining an arms distance from each other, they walk in a

END Voilence Campaign
The #ENDviolence campaign Initiative seeks to bring together new ideas, new thinking, and new examples of where people can focus their efforts and energies to raise awareness about sexual abuse in India and bring about an end to it.

WASH in Schools in India: A Mission to Accomplish
NEW DELHI, 10 Aug 2013 -More than 130 Water, Sanitation and Hygiene and Educational professionals from the GoI, State Governments, Training Institutes and civil society organizations from 25 states participated in first WASH in Schools Leadership Course.

For every child’s sake, Kalpana turned resistance into widespread favour
At 29, she is aged beyond her years, but you can sense the satisfaction in her smile as villagers of Rajghat come to greet and bless her for her work. Kalpana has helped hundreds of babies in Rajghat to get a better start to their lives.

World Breastfeeding Week 2013
Young women from UP, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand have been working tirelessly to support mothers in breastfeeding - providing community and facility based counselling, reaching the hard to reach populations to breastfeeding support to mothers.

Breakfast with UNICEF Series
Breakfast with UNICEF: Leading thinkers, leading ideas- In this series of five, we talk to Dr Rajendra Pachauri, Professor Jean Dreze, Professor Shantha Sinha, Ela Bhatt and Professor Yogendra Breakfast with UNICEF: Leading thinkers, leading ideas - In th

This Sachin Tendulkar is back in School
DHANDHODA, India, 12 June 2013 - For almost two years, Sailesh cherished a simple dream, a dream of playing cricket with his friends in the school lawn. But that wish had to wait.

Gaurav’s Journey Back to School
More than a year and half back, Gaurav started bunking school to work in the cotton fields. Every morning, Gaurav left for school only to make his way to nearby cotton fields with his friends.

Special: Fighting Child Labour
By Neha Khattor GUWAHATI, India, 21 November 2014 - As the clock strikes 12, eight students guided by a teacher come marching out of their classroom towards a 10-feet-long hand washing trough. Maintaining an arms distance from each other, they walk in a

Breaking Barriers of Disability And Turning Challenges Into Opportunities
For those like Sulekha, who are the first batch of girls with disability to be a part of the KGBV and living a mainstream life, it is a whole new world.

Discovering Colours In Darkness
voice to adjoining rooms.In an effort to bring children with disabilities to the fold of education, the Bihar state government, in December last year, sent a notification saying that special residential camps for bridge course be organised for disabled.

State of World Children Report - Children With Disabilities
Children with disabilities have a much greater role to play in societies, according to UNICEF’s annual The State of the World’s Children report.

Nutrition Special - Stunting in children can be defeated
Stunting is low height for age in children. In tackling child undernutrition, there has been a shift from efforts to reduce the prevalence of underweight – inadequate weight for age – to prevention of stunting.

Time to Take Stock, Time to Discuss RTE
The passing of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act 2009 marked a historic moment for the children of India. For the first time in India’s history, children were guaranteed their right to quality elementary education by state.

A Mentor, Friend and Confidant - Zahura’s Story
Meet Zahura Khatoon, a cleaner at the Kharupetia Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre (NRC). Don’t go by her designation in the workplace because as you watch her share a laugh with young mothers in the centre, or see her persuade an elderly gentleman.

Angwadi Workers Go Back to ‘School’
MORIGAON, India, 5 February, India - The students listen with rapt attention to an instructor teaching her students the correct way to monitor a child’s growth using the recently-introduced WHO Child Growth Standards chart.

Water in India – Situation and Prospects: Positive changes brought about by small communities in terms of water conservation and management.
The positive changes brought about by small communities in terms of water conservation and management are highlighted in the report. These changes were brought about by the active participation and involvement of communities in finding solutions.

Raising awareness about HIV to the rhythm of the Red Ribbon Express
In the coaches of RRE, HIV tests are conducted; workshops are carried out and various visual representations—advertisements, short films and photo exhibitions—are hosted. The train is embellished with a series of punch lines like ‘Zindagi Zindabad!’ (Lon

World AIDS Day 2012
New HIV infections in children are down, but reaching the goal of an AIDS-free generation requires that more HIV positive pregnant women receive antiretroviral treatment to decrease the risk of infection for their babies.

Sanitation Initiative Changes Mind Set, Reaps Results
Though sanitation continues to be one of the prime concerns for the State as well as district administration for many years, it gained momentum in Medak district only through the “Intinta Parishudyam” (meaning, sanitation in every house) initiative.

Building skills and confidence to save mothers and new-borns
Over the last few years, the State Government, with support from UNICEF, has focussed extensively on improving facility-based healthcare for new-borns and mothers with new-born care corners (NNBCs), special new born care units (SNCUs) and labour rooms.

The Infant and Child Mortality India Report
India has realized impressive gains in child survival over the last two decades. However, at the current pace, the country is unlikely to achieve the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 4 -which aims to reduce Under-Five Mortality (U5MR) by two thirds

Unveiling Life: Saraswati Fights Against Child Marriage
Seventeen-year–old Saraswati Kumari from Ruki village in Gumla district is a model for all girls. Shy but confident, Saraswati was determined to confront the norms that marry girls at an early age.

Nutrition Special - Comprehensive Nutrition Survey in Maharashtra
The Government of Maharashtra is committed to addressing undernutrition amongst children. The establishment of an independent State Nutrition Mission - the Rajmata Jijau Mother - Child Health & Nutrition (RJMCHN) Mission - in collaboration with the Depart

On a Hand Washing Mission: Young Girls Herald Change in the Community
Thanks to the support provided by the SSA and UNICEF, students of schools such as Sajjanpara primary school, are learning to adopt handwashing and other good hygiene habits

Children Lead the Way to A Healthier Tomorrow in Assam
Thanks to the Child Friendly Schools and Systems (CFSS) initiative by UNICEF in collaboration with the Sarba Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) in Assam, a national flagship programme for Education, a wave of change has been initiated in Sajjanpara primary school.

The Messengers of Change
Hulsi Kadiyari was among the first set of community workers to reach these diarrhea-afflicted villages. In 2010, the atmosphere of mutual suspicion and distrust in the severely strife-affected areas of Basaguda, Lingagiri and Rajpettah.

Education Gets a New Lease of Life
UNICEF offers support through programmes like school libraries to promote reading and age appropriate sports and physical education activities in an attempt to make schooling attractive for children.

Beyond Chalk and Talk –Imparting Vocation to the Young
The IBT Programme (also known as the Parivartan Shiksha Abhiyan, to signal the changes that education needs) was started in 2011 to promote work-centred education.

Sports for Development and Peace Building
UNICEF’s engagement in Sukma district is part of humanitarian response to address issues that emerged due to the civil strife. Among other initiatives, sports and physical eucation were seen as activities that could help children deal with the trauma.

Initiating a mass movement and bringing about change
It is more than a year since Bina took a firm approach against child marriage. Now 13, she studies in a hostel at the Bagmundi Higher Secondary School for Girls and looks wise beyond her years.

The International Day of the Girl Child
The inaugural International Day of the Girl Child will take place on 11 October 2012. For its first observance, this year’s Day focuses on child marriage, which is a fundamental human rights violation and has an impact on all aspects of a girl’s life.

Sabiya, one of many unsung heroes, that helped India get rid of polio
ALIGARH, India, 12 September 2012 - Meet 25-year-old Sabiya, one of the most committed workers of the Polio Social Mobilization Network (SMNet) in Uttar Pradesh.

Photo Essay - Art Based Therapy - Nurturing Expression, Healing Minds
UNICEF and Metamorhphosis are working alongside the District Administration to ensure that these ashramshalas are child friendly spaces which offer a protective environment for the children to grow up.

Pinky Karmakar– The Girl Made Us Proud at London Olympics
Meet Pinky Karmakar. This young girl from the tea community of Assam made her community and country proud when she travelled to England to participate in the Olympic Torch Relay in June 2012.

Photo Essay - IKEA-UNICEF Partnership: Celebrating 10 years in India
For over 10 years, the IKEA Foundation has been supporting UNICEF’s work in India to end child labour and create a better future for India’s children. By the end of 2012, we will have donated more than €100 million to UNICEF in India, reaching 74 million

NRCs - The Centers of Life
The Nutritional Rehabilitation Centres are facility based care units where severely acute malnourished (SAM) children below five years are admitted with their mothers for treatment, stabilization and rehabilitation.

Helping Save Lives
Jyotsna Ben Pate, advocated endlessly with the mother to go ahead with her pregnancy. Jyotsna promised that Padma would have healthy babies, if she agrees to follow Jyotsna’s advices on safe pregnancy practices.

Saving New Borns in MP
Funded from NRHM and support from UNICEF, the SNCU in Shivpuri provides 24x7 institutional care for infants. Thirty-eight such SNCUs exists in Madhya Pradesh and are helping save lives of thousands of children in the state

Thank Your Real Life Heroes
Thank your real life heroes campaign features stories of individuals and institutions who are doing commendable job for their community. Join UNICEF India on our social media networks in congratulatoring these heroes.

Women Led Self Help Groups Harbingers of Change in Tribal Valsad
VALSAD, Gujarat, 26 June 2012 – Twenty-two-year old, Sharuben Kurkutiya was worried that her family was not able to save money needed for the delivery of her first child at local hospital in her remote village of Ozharaifaliya in Kaprada block in Gujarat

Children Break Guinness Record, Make Longest Red Ribbon
In less than half an hour, more than 7000 children from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India painted the world’s longest red ribbon with their hand prints. The awareness ribbon measuring 1005.7 meters beating previous Guinness Book of World record of 408.5 mts.

Deepshikha Gives A New Beginning To Their Lives
I had the chance to meet and talk to girls my age. These girls have lived a life much harder than the one I am used to. It was interesting and to hear the stories and experiences of these girls.

Marking its First Year Without any Polio Cases, India Takes a Giant Leap Toward Wiping Out the Disease
NEW YORK, USA, 12 January 2012 – Once recognized as the epicenter of the polio epidemic, India is now on the verge of creating history by stopping the transmission of polio.

Preventing Child Marriage through Economic Independence
MALDA, India, 7 Febrauary 2012 – Aksha Bibi, a village health worker and a member of women’s self help group, knows how a child marriage can disrupt a girl’s life and have harmful consequences to her health and education.

Menstrual Hygiene Key to Keeping Girls in School
Culturally here in southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu as in many other parts of India, menstruation is considered dirty and impure and during periods girls are discouraged to attend school and stay at homes.

Editors’ Panel Highlights Importance of Immunization in Media
NEW DELHI India, 26 April, 2012: A high level group of editors from Delhi and Madhya Pradesh came together for a brainstorming session, to mark the first-ever World Immunization Week (21-28 April 2012).

The State of the World's Children 2012 - Children in an Urban World
Cities offer many children the advantages of urban schools, clinics and playgrounds. Yet the same cities the world over are also the settings for some of the greatest disparities in children’s health, education and opportunities.

Second round in measles vaccination campaign allows children to ‘catch-up’ in India
DABHIPUR, India, 1 November 2011- In November of 2010, the Government of India, supported by UNICEF and WHO, launched the measles ‘catch-up’ campaign with the aim of reaching 134 million children in 14 high risk Indian states.

Women’s Group Bands Together to Clean-Up Slum Neighbourhoods
Munni Begum belongs to 16-member strong, volunteer woman’s empowerment group, which is helping to clean up her neighbourhood in Moradabad and spread the importance of hygiene to promote good health.

A Child Bride Campaigns Against Child Marriage
Poverty was the precipitating factor in Nargis’s case. She was married shortly after her father died, the loss plunging the struggling family even deeper into poverty. Nargis’s mother in desperation accepted the marriage proposal.

Students Show Clean Hands Prevent Disease
The handwashing campaign, part of a UNICEF programme called ‘School Saving Lives’, stresses the importance of using soap, not just water, to clean hands before eating or preparing food, after using toilet, changing a baby’s soiled pants and other tasks.

Youth Volunteers Alert Communities to Government Programmes
The alert programme, supported by UNICEF, recruits volunteers like Khumeshwar from villages around Chattisgarh. In a series of workshops, it trains them to help fellow villagers identify problems in their community.

Girls Learn Life Skills in Deepshikha
Pratibha says her dramatic transformation is thanks to lessons learned in Deepshikha, or the ‘Light a Lamp’ programme, which aims to break down age-old negative attitudes toward women

Finding Innovative Ways of Putting Child Labourers Back in School
Anas is an ex-child laborer who has gone back to school with the help of a UNICEF project. The project aims to help an estimated 8,000 children working in metal ware industry.

Joint Humanitarian Response to Orissa Floods
KENDRAPADA, 22 September, 2011 – Were it not for his strong swimming skills, Akuli Nayak would not have been alive today. He also would not have been able to save his family.

Residential Schools Allow Tribal Children an Education
DALEIGUDA, India, 8 September 2011 – Krupasindhuv Pangi knows the challenges that indigenous communities face. At the age of five, his family lost their land when it was taken from them to build a factory.

Iron supplementation helping to end inter-generational cycle of anaemia in India
RANCHI, India, 26 August 2011 - Deepa Kumari, 14, began to feel dizzy and weak in class at the start of her menstrual cycle. Her father, who teaches math at a local private school, and mother decided to take her to a doctor when her symptoms.

Nutrition Centre Gives Mothers and Children Hope for a Healthy Future
With UNICEF’s efforts and IKEA Foundation support, the Positive Deviance programme was extended to address the problem of severe malnutrition in the state.

Supporting mothers to re-establish lactation
Shivpuri’s NRC provides support to Severe Acute Malnourished (SAM) children and helps mothers who experience difficulty in breastfeeding.

Community Mobilizes to Stop Child Labour
People’s Education and Development Organisation (PEDO), a local NGO working with UNICEF on a child protection programme to get children out of the fields and into schools, convinced Raju that going back to school would be best for his future.

Fighting Malaria
Twenty-four -year-old Mamta with her twins at a local hospital in Orissa. Mamta is one of the hundreds of pregnant women in Keonjhar tribal district, who are fighting the often lonely battle of survival against the combined risks of pregnancy and malaria.

On Stage Against Child Marriage
Anita joined the theatre group a year and a half ago after her parents planned for Anita’s marriage, which she refused.

Young Reporters Give Voice to Hopes and Dreams
By Neha Khattor GUWAHATI, India, 21 November 2014 - As the clock strikes 12, eight students guided by a teacher come marching out of their classroom towards a 10-feet-long hand washing trough. Maintaining an arms distance from each other, they walk in a

Religious Leaders Pitch in to Defeat Polio
Thanks to the efforts of religious leaders along with local administration and UNICEF, the entire state of Uttar Pradesh, including Pakbara has not reported a single polio case since 2010

Sports programme teaches children life skills in hard-to-reach areas
Started in the district of Chandrapur, the programme recruits a girl and boy from more than 500 villages, training them how sport can educate, inform and be used for development, and then sending them back to local schools and communities.

Pahariya Mothers Fight Malaria
To combat the malaria menace in Sunderpahari, an area majorly inhabited by tribal group Pahariyas, UNICEF started its intervention in 2008, targeting children and mothers in 16,000 households across 208 villages.

Village Self-Help Groups Keeping Children Out of Labour
The women of Dungarpur like to quote an old Indian proverb that says many small ants can vanquish the large snake. Together they are making that proverb a reality by keeping their children out of labour and sending them to school.Dungarpur, India, 10 Apri

Kolkata Children Map Their Community With Google Earth
Thirteen-year-old Salim Sheikh and his friends are putting their sprawling Kolkata slum on the map – literally. For a year now, they’ve been gathering data about the people, small brick huts, crowded alleys, scattered temples, water pumps and other facts

Nurse Midwives Bring New Life to Villages
Sanju, now 24,delivered about 200 babies last year,and is just one of dozens of young midwivesstriving to make a difference in Madhya Pradesh, where the infant and maternal mortality rates are among the highest in India.

Saving Lives of Children with Severe Acute Malnutrition
SHIVPURI, India, 7 January 2011 – Eleven-year-old Lakshmi used to wake up early each morning to prepare breakfast of for her family in village Rajapur in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Her parents worked as agricultural labourers and Lakshmi

Emerging From Behind Closed Doors
The Deepshikha programme works to bring education and empowerment to these adolescent girls and, in the long-term, to ensure increased participation in decision-making that affects them.

Meet the youth reporters of Korba, Chattisgarh
From 2 to 3 June, 2011 we are travelling to Korba, Chattisgarh, to meet a group of inspiring young people; the local youth reporters to learn about the issues that they are most passionate about



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