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Andhra Pradesh- Advocacy & Partnerships


The state of Andhra Pradesh in many ways reflects the development crisis of the country at large. The agrarian distress and poor social indictors seemingly remain unaffected by the otherwise impressive growth vis-à-vis a growing IT industry and increasing private sector investments in power, road infrastructure and industry.

Though, Andhra Pradesh has emerged as the IT hub in the country and all round development is visible, the state still lags behind more developed states in southern India in terms of development of children. There is a need for sustained advocacy with the political leadership, local media, bureaucrats and civil society to keep the children high on their developmental agenda.


Advocacy & Partnerships proposes to build on the CPAP focus on policy influencing; supporting participatory and convergent programming in the “integrated district”; accelerating children’s rights by increasing emphasis on child protection and addressing social exclusion issues and building political constituency for children’s issues by sensitizing the political representatives, and bringing the issues on to their political agenda.

The strategy is to further strengthen the partnerships already in place and identify opportunities to sensitise the stakeholders about the situation of children and the role they can play in fulfilling the needs and requirements of the children.

The active partnership with Andhra Pradesh State Legislative Assembly under the aegis of the Knowledge Partnership with UN system in India has been further strengthened to conduct seminars and field visits; organize exhibitions and film shows on chosen issues. As a result the intearaction with the legislative sub-committee on women and children is also being enhanced and deepened.

Relations built with Media over the years and especially the women representatives through NWMI-  Network of Women in Media in India – continues to be cemented through specific story leadins as well as helping in features and editorial coverage.

Focus on Girl Child issues through institution of the Girl Child Awards for the film makers has been constantly improved through innovations and will continue to be strengthened through larger participation of local television channels.

The partnerships established with the local celebrities and sportsmen form an important work for A & P in AP. Building their knowledge base and close working association on selected issues will continue to be the focus.

Child Reporters network and the TV & Radio reporters project in Medak will be supported in other districts and institutionalized with DWCD participation in the next 2 years.

A & P will continue to focus on sharing of data and publications like SOWC; district wise data sheets; documentation of field level stories for UNICEF web through University of Hyderabad and engagement with local NGOs and other international donors.


In the last five years the UNICEF work has been well recognized and visible, helping the fund raising programme to cash on the positive imagery.

 In collaboration with all programmes, the A&P has been able to put in place strong partnerships with legislative assembly, media, celebrities, civil society and children. This has clearly help facilitate UNICEF action on HIV-AIDS, Polio Eradication, universal salt iodisation, child marriage, girl child issues and sanitation.

Within the framework of the new CPAP Advoacay & Partnerships will continue to adapt, evolve, transform and invent new strategies to achieve the MDGs for the children of AP.



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