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Real lives

Read features about nutrition in India.

Breastfeeding – The Easy Way To Save Lives
It was 9.00 a.m. Subhash Stadium usually deserted at this hour, was abuzz with activity. Loudspeakers blasting jingles, vans, sumo carrires, cycle rickshaws....

A new health brigade, renewed hope
Hemlata Mahato, in her distinctive purple saree of the Accredited Social Health Action (ASHA) worker, is a familiar figure in the far-flung villages of Jhalda II block, Purulia district in West Bengal.

“Ame Bi Paribu” : Positively Deviant
Kuni Murmu’s fourth child weighed a whimpering 1.4 kilograms at birth, more than a kilogram below the lower limit of the norm. None in the family dared to hope the infant girl would survive.

Citizen’s Alliance Against Malnutrition visit to Orissa
The little child in the arms of Mumbai pediatrician Dr Samir Dalwai lay still. With a fixed glaze he neither laughed nor cried although he was held in a stranger’s arms. His hands and arms were swollen.

Reducing under-nutrition through community partnerships
In 1999, the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) survey found that 47 percent of all children under age three were underweight – a higher average prevalence than in sub-Saharan Africa.

Overcoming Under Nutrition
Everybody from Salgara Primary Health Center in Osmanabad district knows the story of Karan, a beaming two year old in the village. They have not only witnessed his growth from being severely underweight at birth to a healthy child by now.

Endeavor for Enhancing Survival of the Little Ones
It’s heartening to see Kamlabai walking along the dusty tracks of her home to the Anganwadi Centre (AWC) where Suresh is to be given his 4th dose of Vitamin A.

Nutritious feeding programme gives hope to tribal mothers in Orissa
Koraput, Orissa: "Amar pila amar dhan, aame amar pilake nekhaiki mari ne deun, aame raan neichu amar pilake aame banchabu. " (Our children are our wealth, we won't let our children die of malnutrition, we have taken an oath to save our children).

Mother support groups promote nutrition in Maharashtra
The small group of women huddled with their young babies at the Anganwadi Centre are listening intently to Durga Gavit, as her four month old son Prashant sleeps comfortably in her lap.

Nutrition Rehabilitation - reviving young lives
Cuddled in his mother’s lap, two year old Naval looked quite comfortable. Even his mother agreed that her son seemed in better health than anytime since his birth.

Priority emphasis is being given by UNICEF to promoting Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illnesses as the key strategy for strengthening immunization and nutrition assessment and management at the community level in the temporary shelters.

Mapping Nutrition
What is a chart of cartoon figures doing at a feeding centre for malnourished children in a village in West Bengal?



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