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Emergency Recovery

Flood Relief & Recovery 2005


Emergency preparedness saves lives in Bihar floods


UNICEF-supplied chlorine tablets and packets of ORS distributed among flood-affected households in Rampura village, Gujarat
Rampura, an interior village of Anand district, with a population of 600 persons was marooned in the recent floods. UNICEF Gujarat air-lifted 5 million chlorine tablets and 30,000 packets of ORS to the flood-affected households in Anand district.

UNICEF's immediate distribution of chlorine tablets and ORS packets prevents water borne epidemics in Anand, Gujarat
UNICEF Gujarat office had been in constant touch with the state authorities and acted immediately to air-lift supply of 5 million chlorine tablets for distribution to the affected population to prevent any epidemics caused by contaminated drinking water.

UNICEF makes a difference - water borne epidemics prevented in Anand, Gujarat
Anand, known as the “milk capital” and seat of cooperative movement in India, was one of the worst affected districts of Gujarat in the recent floods. All 365 villages and five municipality areas of Anand district were cut off from the outside world.

UNICEF pro-active in Gujarat floods
Gujarat was lashed by unprecedented heavy rains since 21st June 2005, resulting in floods in South Gujarat and parts of Saurashtra. More than 8,000 villages in 19 districts of Gujarat have been severely affected by the calamity.

Madhya Pradesh

UNICEF rushes supplies to flood affected areas of Katni and Panna in Madhya Pradesh
UNICEF rushed supplies of essential items into the flood affected areas of Katni and Panna district in North Eastern Madhya Pradesh.

UNICEF action in flood affected areas of Madhya Pradesh
Kamla and her three-year old son are in a ‘school turned shelter camp’ in Katni town. Her erstwhile home is under water - nowhere to be seen.





Tsunami Relief & Recovery - December 2004 - ongoing

UNICEF initiates `healing through joy’
The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is helping tsunami-affected children overcome their grief and sorrow using the novel approach of healing with fun.

UNICEF strengthens community initiatives in Car Nicobar
The role of leaders like Ireena together with UNICEF's presence as the only international organization assisting the Government of Andaman and Nicobar right from the early relief phase has been quite unique.

Tsunami hit children supported by UNICEF
In the aftermath of the tsunami, UNICEF has ensured that each temporary tsunami shelter has a dedicated hut for the delivery of ICDS services.

UNICEF’s response to tsunami emergency in India
This year’s Christmas break came to a crashing halt for Dr. Prakash Gurnani, UNICEF’s health officer in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India.



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