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Maternity cash benefit scheme for mothers and adolescent girls launched by Union government:

Call for action summit enters second day

CHENNAI, India, 8 February 2013 - Smt Krishna Thirath, Union Minister for Women and Child development has revealed that a maternity cash benefit scheme has been launched for empowering pregnant women and adolescent girls. She announced that a National Mission for Empowerment of Women has also been started. She was chairing the session on Nutrition, conducted today as part of the Call for Action Summit on Child Survival and Development.

Smt Thirath pointed out that the government has also implemented a restructured Information, education and Communication (IEC) campaign against malnutrition.

The minister informed that a multisectoral programme to address maternal and child malnutrition has also been put into place. The programme is being implemented in 200 high burden districts.

Smt Thirath also said that the Government of India is engaging all high burden states in an attempt to prepare and implement a strategic road map for accelerating child survival and development, not only in the near future, but also beyond 2015.

The session was also addressed by Shri Victor Aguaya, Chief Nutrition, UNICEF, Ms Arti Ahuja, Commissioner - Secretary, Women and Child Development, Government of Oddisha and others.

The session on nutrition was part of the second day’s program of the Call for Action Summit on Child Survival and Development that commenced at Mammallapuram yesterday. Over 300 delegates are participating in the three day summit organized by the Union Ministry of Health and Family welfare, in partnership with UNICEF and USAID.



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