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J8 Summit in Pictures

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"World will improve for children with solutions discussed at J8" 

Naresh Kumar was selected by Unicef because of his self-confidence. He participated in a mock parliament arranged in the Uttar Pradesh assembly by Unicef and shone in the proceedings.

"I want to tell them that there should be sufficient number of teachers in each school. The teachers should be well motivated to give love and care to all children".

"I want to raise the demands of children in my state for good schooling. The children in my village are not able to progress as far as they could because of a lack of quality education."

"Children should be allowed to participate. I will encourage my friends to tell their teachers and school authorities what we need and want."

Image: Narendra Kumar(4th from left) with co-delegates at the J8 Summit in Rome, Italy

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Invest more in renewable energy

Fourteen young people were chosen by their peers to represent the UNICEF Junior 8 (J8). One young person represented each of the G8 countries and non-G8 countries invited to L’Aquila - Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Mexico and South Africa.

In all there were 54 young delegates aged 14 to 17. The young people told the leaders they want high quality post- primary education for all children and a safe trip to school.

‘If I could ask the world’s leaders to prioritize one thing to help children, it would be education,” said Sanjukta Pangi, 16. “I had to struggle to go to school. If I hadn’t convinced my father to let me continue going to school I would not be at the J8.”

Leaders were told to invest more in renewable energy and collectively sign a meaningful Copenhagen agreement that emphasizes participation of young people in climate change action. "

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Image: Indian delegate, Narendra Kumar meets Italian Minister of Youth, Girogia Meloni at the J8 Summit.
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