Workshop on RCH II and Child Health Strategy in India

A symposium on RCH II and child health strategy in India is being held in New Delhi, India, from June 7-8, 2004 at The Oberoi.

Organised by the UNICEF, the workshop aims to address some of the reasons for the prevalence of high rates of infant mortality (currently 64 per 1000 live births) and malnutrition (around 45%) in India.

The workshop will discuss the impact made so far of joint interventions in the fields of health and nutrition. Constraints that have been encountered in the interventions will also be discussed. The symposium will also examine ways of developing a comprehensive strategy to achieve child survival and malnutrition reduction keeping existing government policies in mind.

The symposium is expected to be attended by around 150 representatives including those from the central and state governments; scientific bodies such as the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and NIN; other scientific institutions; NGOs; bilateral and multilateral agencies.



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