Interns' field work

An interns' diary: Sophia Pickles
There is a pair of dark brown ink-liquid eyes gazing up at me from somewhere amongst the scratchy surface of a raffia mat. There are so many pairs of deep eyes and smooth, light brown foreheads.

Interns' Diary: Vasudha Dhingra
After spending a week each at the orientation workshop and at our host institute – the Council for Social Development (CSD), I realized that my team (Brian, Faraz, Rini, and myself) is full of learned, crazy and fun-loving people.....

Interns' Diary: Shruti Sharma
Went on a one day field trip to Sehore to get a feel of the place so we would know what to expect on our major field trip and accordingly reorient our strategy.

Intern's diary: Rasha Al Jundi
It has been almost 3 weeks since I arrived to India. Being my first visit, I got a comprehensive, concrete and interesting introduction to the country’s culture and diverse society during the four day orientation workshop organized by UNICEF in Delhi.



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