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First ever workshop in India to set performance standards for teachers
What comes first – student retention and learning achievement OR good quality education and teacher accountability? Many experts feel that this “chicken and egg syndrome” needs to be tackled from both the ends.

Promoting Activity-based Learning in Tamil Nadu: Teachers as Catalysts of Change
When the Corporation of Chennai adopted Activity Based Learning (ABL) on a trial basis in 13 government schools in the city in 2003, it was in effect transforming the way children till then had been taught.

Know AIDS for No AIDS
Mahilashram High School is one of the 20223 schools in Maharashtra where School Adolescent Life Skills Education Programme (SALSEP) is being introduced for 9th and 11th class boys and girls since 2005.

Global Campaign for Education – more teachers needed
To build on previous successes, the Global EFA Week 2006 is being celebrated from 24 to 30 April 2006 – the focus this year is 'Every Child Needs a Teacher’.

Harnessing the Primary Education challenge in Uttar Pradesh
Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh (UP), the most populous state of India, has made impressive gains in primary education in the last half decade. The Annual Status of Education Report reveals 57 per cent literacy rate and 34 million school-going children...

Quality education inputs help improve school attendance in tribal Madhya Pradesh
Parsing Dawar muses philosophically, “I used to be worried about the schooling of my children - two boys and two girls. I thought, if I stopped drinking, I could save Rs.500 a month … my son is now in 12th Class” he says with a smile.

Empowering teachers and children through life skills training
Inquisitive gestures, eyes wide open unblinking. Curiosity is writ large on the face of children of Class III in a far flung primary school located in Patanka village of Gujarat bordering Pakistan.

State-wide school enrollment drive launched in Gujarat
On 17th June, all the roads led to Dabkhal, a remote village located 400 kms away from the state capital, in the tribal hinterland of Kaprada taluka of Gujarat.

Village panchayat brings a forsaken school back to life
Therku Poigainallur, Nagapattinam: A chance encounter with a carpenter led to the discovery of a remarkable community in the village of Therku Poigainallur, about 10 kilometres from Nagapattinam town.

Farooque Shaikh enrolls out-of-school children in Jharkhand
A school enrolment drive of massive proportions: “School Chalein Hum – Abhiyan 2006” (Let’s go to School Campaign 2006) was launched by the Government of Jharkhand to get all out-of-school children into school.

Interns prepare to fan out in Madhya Pradesh
Fourteen interns arrived in Madhya Pradesh Tuesday 20th to conduct case studies in four areas.

Jharkhand ready to roll out Enrolment Drive
The state of Jharkhand has reduced the number of out-of-school children from 1.3 million in 2000 to .38 million in 2006.

Activity based learning- A radical change in Primary Education
The UNICEF-supported ABL venture, first undertaken by the Chennai Corporation in 13 schools on a trial basis in 2003, has been adopted by all the 270 primary schools in the district, transforming the way thousands of children are taught everyday.

Village Action Plan demands teacher in primary school
During the Village Planning Exercise in November 2005 in Sunaura Village in the Lalitpur district of the state of Uttar Pradesh, one of the major issues that surfaced was the poor quality of education being imparted in the primary school.

Reading Festival in Kerala
This UNICEF supported initiative in 198 Upper Primary Schools in Malappuram, Wayanad and Kottayam districts of the state aims at developing learning and language skills among children.

Women mobilising village communities
What comes first – student retention and learning achievement OR good quality education and teacher accountability? Many experts feel that this “chicken and egg syndrome” needs to be tackled from both the ends.

UNICEF hands over School Furniture to the Nagapttinam District Collector
The new furniture represents a much improved school environment for these young students, who have shown improved attendance levels and regularity in the light of these changes.

'Meena' - animated spots on girls' education go on Air
State-owned radio and television channels in India are airing spots promoting girls’ education featuring Meena, an animated character developed by UNICEF.



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