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14 May 2007 – Village Bahuwara, Block Phulwari, District Patna

  • Arrived in the village around 10 in the morning. 
  • Met with Anganwadi workers and discussed about location to set up truck.
  • Set up truck near Anganwadi Centre and made the announcements.
  • Approximately 250 people gathered around the truck for the show.

  • Comments:

    Nawal Kishore, 35, villager: “Girls aren’t sent to school because parents fear for their safety and don’t want to send them so far.”

    Dharmendra Singh, 30, NGO worker: “Safety of the girls is the main concern of the parents. Therefore, they don’t send them to school.”

    Anju Devi, Anganwadi worker: “Parents themselves being illiterate don’t understand the importance of education. They just don’t see the use of sending their daughters to school.”

    Left the village by 3 p.m.


    Village Kandap, Block Phulwari, District Patna


  • Arrived at 5 p.m. and set up near the school.

  • Due to intense heat, people came slowly. Total gathering approx. 200.

  • Comments:

    Shweta Kumari, 17, “I want to study and become a doctor, but my parents don’t send me to school because all the village people say no need to send girls to school.”

    Khushboo, 14, “There are no lady teachers in the school. That’s why parents don’t want to send us to the school.”

    Left the village around 9 p.m.




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