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May 12, 2007 - Kanasar, Bikaner

© UNICEF/India/2007
A colourfully decorates truck carrying mobile theatre to screen the "Girl Stars" series of films

The spot to park and set up was decided after discussions with the Village authorities.

The videos were shown and a discussion followed.

The general discussion centered around the status of education in the village.
The following comments  :

© UNICEF/India/2007
Children enthusiastic about roadshow

   - Sanjay Yadav (young man )- “..There is illiteracy in our village and these kind of films encourage us to send girls of our village to school..”

   - Maya Devi (middle aged house wife) –“ I am impressed with Bhanwari Devi as she belongs to our community and she has enabled our community to be proud..”

   - Chota Singh Ganesh – “.. we are thankful to UNICEF for conducting this motivating program, we look forward to similar programs in future..”



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