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The Girl Stars Road Show

© UNICEF/India/2007
Truck carrying mobile theaters for screening the powerful "Girl Stars" series of films

New Delhi: On Wednesday 9th May 2007, UNICEF India in collaboration with Going to School, launched a road show to highlight the importance of educating the girl child. 

Three colorfully decorated trucks carrying mobile theaters to screen the "Girl Stars" series of films, were flagged off from the Gandhi Smriti & Darshan Samiti, Delhi to begin their one-month journey through 180 villages in Bihar, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, three states where girls' education indicators are lagging behind. 

The Girl Stars are 15 women between the ages of 17 to 30 from some of the most disadvantaged communities in India who, through education and personal initiative became successful, self-sufficient empowered individuals. 

One is a beekeeper, one is an environmentalist, one is a junkyard dealer, one is an archer, one is a village leader, one is a television newsreader, and the list goes on.

© UNICEF/India/2007
Surrounded by the girl stars, the UNICEF Representative Cecilio Adorna flagged off the Girl Star trucks on their 3-state journey

At the function to mark the historic journey, each girl each spoke passionately about their personal struggles and how they overcame them.  Click here for more information on the profiles of the Girl Stars.

One and all they affirmed that without education they would not be standing there receiving the honour of Girl Star today. 

“Believe in yourself and your dreams and above all, get an education and you can stand up to anyone” says Jyoti Rose Tirkey, the newsreader. 

This is the message that the roadshow will be carrying across 180 villages – urging parents, community leaders, teachers and all others – to help girls go to school.





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