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Interns' field work

An Intern's Diary: Marjolein Eigenfeld
It has been four weeks since I arrived in Kolkata, the city that is the main focus of our case study and the city where we will are staying during the internship.

Interns' Diary: Lotte de Rooij II
Today is Thursday, just an average Thursday, I woke up rather late, finished the research design (YES! Finally), had lunch, found some more literature on our topic and now it’s 5.30 PM already…

Interns' Diary: Deepika Singh
The Internship’s most exhilarating part, the field visits for the Patna group began on 5th July. I had been waiting for this time because getting involved with communities, and understanding the real scenario and inquiring the depth of problem....

Interns' Diary: Woojin Jung
A group of interns working for UNICEF stayed in a youth hostel in Delhi. As we felt suffocated of not keeping in touch with their families, we wanted to buy SIM cards and use the Internet. As this was our first outings, we were very excited.

Shruti's diary
Bhopal, Sunday 25 June: It’s been a week since we’ve been here, right in the middle of the country, in the city of Bhopal.



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