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ICDB 2007: 25 ‘wow’ child prodigies interviewed by kid radio jockeys

Kulsum Mustafa
Lucknow, December, 2007: By the children, for the children and of the children – the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB), on December 9, celebrated by All India Radio, Lucknow, in collaboration with UNICEF was all this and more.

In the days leading to the D-day, the recording studios of the radio station were abuzz with hectic activity. The 22 kid comperes of the children’s programme were busy giving finishing touches to their labour of love. The one hour special presentation saluted the genius of 25 bright children picked up from the state capital for excelling in various disciplines.

Relaxing after the broadcast, programme executive Archana Prasad said, “We elders just stood back and let the children take over the entire show. From scripting, right up to presentation it was entirely done by the children’s panel.”

And the kids did the job like true trained professionals.

The interviewees included celebrated siblings: Shailendar, the youngest computer graduate at 14 and his sister Sushma, who is the youngest high school graduate at the age of eight. Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) was in the city to produce a documentary film on these wonder kids.

The interview of the genius brother sister duo is an excellent example of how where there is a will one can excel against all odds. Hailing from the poorest of the poor class, the parents of these kids are both laborers. While the father Tej Bahadur has studied till Class VIII, the mother is totally illiterate.

An elated Tej Bahadur says of his celebrated kids. “I am blessed that my children are a source of inspiration to other children. I hope that one day these two will work for under privileged children.”

While there is no doubt that the star siblings are a class apart, the achievement of others interviewed was equally noteworthy.
While 12 year old Yashi Singh’s peace mission presentation has got her a chance to go to Denmark, Ananiya Pathak’s poetry passion has given her wings: she is the proud winner of an International Elocution Competition.A ninth standard student, Aparna Singh’s science project on ‘pollution in ponds’ has secured her an entry in the Indian Child Congress.
“Science must benefit mankind and my project will help rural India,” she says.
And among those who interviewed the “wiz kids” was ten year old Shauriya Bhatnagar. A wacky package of wit and humor he conducted the show with a sweet lisp. Singing is his first love and Shauriya has participated in many singing competitions and won accolades.

The special broadcast on ICDB also included a 15 minute package on “The World We Want” – the global theme for this year. Done in a random manner with kids in schools or on the road, the programme was an eye opener.

“The prime vices are corruption and environment pollution. It seems that the younger generation like elders is very much concerned about these,” said Prasad. Of course there were some who wanted a world without schools and teachers! And others paid due respect to their parents by expressing the wish that each child should be gifted with loving parents.

All in all, the day was a treat for kids and elders alike.



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