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ICDB 2007: The World We Want

What kind of world do children want to live in?   Five years ago, youth around the world met in New York to attend the Special Session for Children.  The outcome of that meeting was the agenda “Building a World Fit for Children,” which laid out four main priorities:  Promoting healthy lives; providing quality education; protecting children against abuse, exploitation and violence; and Combating HIV/AIDS.

On the fifth anniversary of this agenda, how far have we come?  Have these goals been achieved in your communities?  What problems still exist? What suggestions do the youth have to solve them? What can be done to build a world for children? 

On 9th December 2007, children all around the world will get a chance to articulate their answers to these questions.
In India this year’s International Day for Children’s Broadcasting (ICDB) comes on the heels of the first National Child Reporters meeting held in Delhi in November where 70 child reporters from 14 states congregated and shared their experiences in a two-day workshop.

On ICDB this year, the Director of the Delhi Centre of Doordarshan, India’s national television channel, has invited child reporters everywhere to report to the nearest national television broadcasting centre and to describe the world they want. The National Doordarshan Network proposes to keep a regular link with the network of child reporters for future children’s programming on national television.

At the global level, UNICEF and the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences will jointly award the International Children's Day of Broadcasting Award to honor broadcasters who capture the spirit of the ICDB.

UNICEF will also award the ICDB Award for Radio Excellence.  The submission process will open in early 2008 and broadcasters will be able to submit their programs from the 2007 International Children's Day of Broadcasting. 

Click here for information about the award.

For the fourth year, the International Academy and UNICEF will offer regional awards to the broadcasters which best promote the principles, purpose and main themes of ICDB.

Each regional television winner will be invited to the International Emmy Awards Gala in New York in November 2008 and one will receive the prestigious International Children's Day of Broadcasting Award.  The regional radio winners will become finalists for the ICDB Award for Radio Excellence, to be presented in New York in November.



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