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The Convention on Child Right turns 18 today – Happy Birthday!

New Delhi 20 November, 2007: The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child turns 18 today, which means an entire generation of children has grown to adulthood under its protection. Today there are over 2.2 billion children whose rights are recognized by 192 countries the CRC. Great progress has been made in the past 18 years, including improvements in under-five child mortality and falls in the number of children working in hazardous labor.

However despite these improvements and the legal recognition of children’s rights, major challenges remain.

  • Millions of births go unregistered.
  • Children are still trafficked every year.
  • Hundreds of thousands of children are currently serving as child soldiers.
  • Millions of children continue to work in hazardous industries missing out on education and their childhood

But we can all make a difference in the lives of children

  • KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: All children have rights, everywhere in the world. These rights are spelled out in the CRC. The CRC is not just a legal instrument. It reflects something broader – a belief that children’s rights are everyone’s responsibility.
  • RAISE YOUR VOICE: Almost all States have ratified the CRC, and are therefore obligated to fulfill, protect and promote children’s rights. Remind your Government of its obligations to children. Tell your political leaders that you care about children’s rights.
  • PLAY YOUR PART: The CRC is a legal document that defines the rights of children. Each of us has a role in ensuring these rights are met. Only when we all accept this responsibility will the world be a better place for children and adults. By considering the impact your actions have on children, you can make the CRC part of the fabric of everyday life.
  • BUILD MOMENTUM: In many countries of the world, rich and poor, the foundations of a world where the rights of all children are guaranteed and protected are being built. If we each do what we can to strength and support this progress, we can change the world for the generations to come.
  • BECOME PART OF THE SOLUTION: In the last 18 years the push for children’s rights has accelerated and expanded, and tens of thousands of initiatives all over the world, involving millions of people, are now helping children. There is global push to create a world fit for children. It is taking place right now. Be part of it.

Know your rights. Raise your voice. Take action.



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