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Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stresses rapid, inclusive growth at National Development Council meeting

New Delhi, December 14, 2007: Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, chaired the 54th National Development Council meeting in Delhi on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister said that it is possible that with the correct set of policies and dedicated effort by both the Central and State governments, India will not only be able to maintain the momentum of high growth into the near future but may be able to raise it to 10% per annum.

Making a strong case to redouble efforts to maintain the domestic drivers of growth and ensure that policy facilitates even faster growth, the Prime Minster reiterated that bridging the rural-urban divide was absolutely essential if a significant dent on poverty is to be made.
Drawing attention to equity concerns, Dr. Manmohan Singh stated that the XI Plan focused on the revival of agriculture, rural development and on a strong effort in promoting programmes that deliver essential services to the common man and also provide livelihood support.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the outlays on agriculture, health and rural development have also tripled and taken together with education, these sectors accounted for more than half of central outlays as compared to less than 1/3rd in the X Plan. This structural shift was the hallmark of the XI plan, he added.

Click the link below to see the webcast of the NDC meeting as well as the Prime Minister’s opening remarks at the meeting:

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