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BASIC: Child Labour Tracking System

Asama Banu, daughter of Vakil Hasimi and Haseena Begum, was a working child, working in the carpet weaving industry the area is famous for.  She earned Rs. 10 per day (USD 0.25) for her labours.

Asama is currently studying in the Gadura NCLP school run by Jan Manas Kalyan Samiti. Both her parents are agriculture labourers and their annual family income was around Rs.12,000 (USD 300).

Asama joined the NCLP school on 1 June 2005. She was born on 9th November 1991. Before joining the NCLP school she had never enrolled in any school.  In the NCLP school she receives academic input as well as vocational training in training in tailoring and carpet weaving.

As part of the NCLP school benefits, she also receives a monthly stipend of Rs.100 which is credited to her bank account at the Kashi Gomati Sanukt Gramin Bank. As of August 2006, she had around Rs. 1000 (USD 25.00) credited into her account.

The health check-ups being conducted regularly at the centre show that Asama keeps fairly good health.

The above is an example of child-centred information that can be generated through the NCLP child labour tracking system developed by UNICEF.

Called BASIC (Back to  School Information on Children), the software was developed and piloted in July 2004 in 7 selected NCLP districts of the country (Badohi and Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh; Medak and Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh, Murshidabad in West Bengal and Bangalore (urban and rural) in Karnataka. 

The system provides an easy to use interface for tracking the data of each child in the ‘bridge centers’ and after admissions to schools.

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