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Child Labour Elimination - Karnataka

In 1994, about 10,000 children were estimated to be working in Magadi's silk twisting units; by 2003, this figure was reduced to 1,000.

This was a result of the collaboration between the community groups and the Department of Labour-GOKN, UNICEF and the four community based NGO's under the Magadi Makkala Dhawani project (Voices of Children in Magadi).

The project focused on raising awareness, strengthening families against indebtedness, forming community-based groups and educating families and employers on the pitfalls of child labour. Four bridge education centers were set up to facilitate the transition of children from work to education.

After six months, the children were admitted into mainstream schools or, if over 14 years old, given vocational training. In 2000, the Government declared work in the silk industry as hazardous, giving an additional fillip to this initiative.



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