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Newsline archive 2005

Early Marriage: A childhood interrupted
Married at 13, Shanti got pregnant immediately afterwards and lost her underweight, prematurely delivered baby. She is pregnant again. “This time, we hope she pulls it off,” says her mother-in-law.

Prosperity, not poverty behind female foeticide
New data released by the Census office shows that prosperity and not poverty leads to a preference for the male child and to selective abortions of the female foetus.

Child-centred Village Planning in Gujarat – A Powerful Tool for Child Survival and Development
A five-day child-centred village planning process, initiated by UNICEF in partnership with Vasudhara Dairy was held in Valsad district in Gujarat. Meetings were strategically held at the milk collection centres in the mornings and evenings.

‘People-friendly Police Project’ - a UNICEF funded project with the Karnataka State Police
The People-friendly Police Project was mooted to the Karnataka Police by UNICEF in 2001, as an opportunity to enhance the attitudes, skills and knowledge of police station level personnel, particularly in their treatment of women and children.

UNICEF initiates `healing through joy’
The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is helping tsunami-affected children overcome their grief and sorrow using the novel approach of healing with fun.



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