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Read real life stories on child protection.

Informed adolescents prevent exploitation
Seventeen year old Bhargavi will never forget the day she went visiting Rajini’s house and learnt that the girls’ sister, Anamika, had been lured to Pune in search of a job as a domestic.

Innovations in tackling an old evil: child marriages
A large proportion of reproductive and sexual health concerns of adolescent girls and women are rooted in early marriage and early pregnancy.

Legislators commit to form a forum for children in Karnataka
December 14th was a unique day for Karnataka legislators. Free from the worry of active politics due to dissolution of assembly, the elected people’s representatives listened to the demands of children and then responded with an open mind...

‘Apolitical’ pact for children in 2008 advocated for Karnataka
While legislators asked more child-related questions in the Assembly and the Council during 2007 than in the previous years, the responses from the Government to these questions left much to be desired. There was a lack of focus, care and commitment...

Inspired Leadership Transforms a Village Environment
The story of Sriprakash Singh and Jalilpur village in India’s Uttar Pradesh state is an example of how committed and inspired leadership combined with a pro-active local government can work wonders...

Bravery Awards and Young Congress
13 year old Congress Kanwar, the poster girl of UNICEF in Rajasthan is one of the 22 children selected (four of them posthumously) for the Indian National Bravery Awards to be presented on 26th January 2008.

Innocence squandered in garbage
Ahead of the festival season, India’s most planned city is preparing to celebrate.But in its largest slum,Muskan,12, and her gang of reed-thin children are bracing for the worst period of the year when the city will litter more mindlessly than it normally

Nagaraj: A Profile of Courage
I dream of building a Bornfree Art School in Shivakashi for children who are sweating for labour and I want to become a principal there. I will dismiss all teachers who punish children with sticks and violence. Children should learn arts and be educated.

BASIC: Child Labour Tracking System
The above is an example of child-centred information that can be generated through the NCLP child labour tracking system developed by UNICEF.

Happy to be back in school
Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu: At 11.30am, 15 students were actively participating in the English handwriting class at the Booganapalli Village School, Krishnagiri Block. The school is part of the National Child Labour Projectage (NCLP) .

Grassroot reporting by grassroot children
Eighteen-year-old Kamod Singh Ahirwar of Chechli village in Sohapur tehsil of Hoshangabad district candidly narrates all the problems of his village. From lackadaisical teaching staff to poor electricity supply to sanitation.

Bal Samvad Adalat helps in absolving 72 children
Fourteen-year-old Sanjay stood in the market place near his home when a violent fight broke out between two groups. When the police arrived on the scene, he was thought to have taken part in the fight and was arrested.

Little fingers which used to pick rags from dustbins are learning to write
Just a few months’ back Divya, Madhu and Asmita were strolling in the lanes of Bhopal searching for polybags from the city dustbins. It is like character of story on the lives of girls who live in the slums near Bhopal station.

Child Labourers- a World of Darkness
Child labourers live in a world of brutality, harassment both physical and emotional and extreme forms of poverty. Coming from the poorest of the poor, these families are not even able to earn enough for one-day food.

Bihar children take to streets against child labour
The children of Bihar took the centre stage of an awareness campaign against child labour.

Are domestic child workers children of a lesser God?
Are children from all over the world the same? The right to education, basic medical facilities and nutritious food is really available to all?

30 village child reporters geared up to change the world
Published in the maiden issue of Balvani – literally, the “Voice of Children” (in Hindi) – a children’s magazine made by children, this eye-opener sketch says a lot about the society around us.

Who is Markam Dulley?
She was a four-year-old tribal girl sacrificed in the name of a revolution. Her eight-year-old brother, Markam Joga, crippled by polio recalled that fateful night when the Naxalites attacked their rehabilitation camp.

East Side Story launched - Children’s voices through films
When Rajamma saw Kalvettu, a short film about a boy who suffers ill-treatment from an alcoholic father and is forced to give up school, she thought hard.

Girl stars of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka – 2006
“The True Heroines” as described by social activist and film actress Amala Annikeni were all smiling on September 23rd, 2006. At a special ceremony they were felicitated for their positive spirit and determination in life.

Child fights battle against her own mother
The day at school is long over. But Bharti, 12, is in no hurry to leave. She has some reading to do. The last test she took was fine, but not good enough.

Miracle Baby: Day-old girl returns from clutches of death
Pediatric ward of Government Rajindra Hospital is hosting a special child these days. She has no name, but if she were to have one, “Adbhut” (marvelous) would be perfect. She has just survived a fatal assault that no other child, could have.

Where there’s a will there’s a way.
In a room smaller than the average office cubicle lives her family of eight including her mother and six siblings. The only sunlight which filters in the house is Ayyamma’s smile as she recalls her life.

Changing lives in the brick kilns of West Bengal
For 13-year-old Sanjay Mondal, carrying a load of 88 pounds on his head is routine.

Long road to freedom for child domestic workers
When Ramesh Kumar’s father told him that he was going to India’s capital city, Delhi, he was thrilled. Little did he know, what awaited him.

From holding knives to wielding pencils
From slaughter houses to classrooms, from holding knives to wielding pencils, from fear to hope. The children of the Qureshi community in Parbhani, a region 200 kms east of Aurangabad district in Maharashtra, have come a long way.

Fighting child labour in cotton mills
Mohammad Hasan, a lean and tall teenager from a slum in India’s commercial capital, Mumbai, sports a cheery smile. He exudes a mix of confidence and exuberance suitable to his age.

Youth groups focus on birth registration in Maharashtra
Chandrapur, Maharashtra: Community awareness, generated through the Village Planning Process initiated by UNICEF together with Nehru Yuva Kendra (NYK) in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra is yielding results.

A special day for Malti
It’s a special day for Malti; she’s wearing her best dress and ready to go. The 7 year old’s daily wage labourer parents are out to work.

Child marriage in Bihar: Three girls tell their own stories
Girls are generally married off early in the Indian state of Bihar. Most of them are still children, unprepared to bear either the burden of marital responsibility or childbearing.

Community action against child marriages
The village micro-planning process initiated by UNICEF in partnership with HALO Foundation (NGO Partner), in the villages of Lohara block, Osmanabad district of Maharashtra identified child marriage as one of the critical problems in the area.

Early Marriage: A childhood interrupted
Married at 13, Shanti got pregnant immediately afterwards and lost her underweight, prematurely delivered baby. She is pregnant again. “This time, we hope she pulls it off,” says her mother-in-law.

Akkamahadevia refuses to be a child bride
Akkamahadevia, a ten year old girl from Farhatabad village in Gulbarga district in the State of Karnataka, preferred to continue with her studies and refused to be a child bride.

Effective child protection through UNICEF supported `village watchdog committees'
Child protection is a well entrenched concept in the state of Tamil Nadu. Almost three years ago the Department of Social Defence of the state had set up `village level watch dog committees.’

Games help in alleviating children’s trauma
As we begin to talk, Vineeta, Anita and Poorna Rasi are identified as the only unlucky ones in village Pettoda in Cuddalore district to have lost two members of their family.

UNICEF installs sanitary toilets in relief camps
The Kanyakumari district administration and UNICEF on Wednesday decided to install sanitary toilets in 19 of the relief camps where around 16,000 thousand of the displaced people are currently living.

Orissa "Meena Girl" gets international award
Orissa "Meena" girl gets Youth Action Net award for 2004

Breaking free from child labour
Children get engaged in carpet making since families require as many hands as possible and the opportunity to go to school is all too often lost.

Too busy working to go to school
Until a year ago, eight-year-old Laxmina was too busy working to even think of going to school.



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