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Child Protection



President of India praises girls for resisting early marriage
For the first time in the history of AP assembly, children came face to face with Chief Minister Mr. Y. S. R. Reddy and other legislators, to demand that their rights be fulfilled by all political parties.

United Nations and Children of Andhra Pradesh remind legislators of their obligations towards MDGs
For the first time in the history of AP assembly, children came face to face with Chief Minister Mr. Y. S. R. Reddy and other legislators, to demand that their rights be fulfilled by all political parties.

Children’s Parliament held in Central Hall, Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly shows the way
“This parliament is more fruitful than the bigger parliament sessions. The demand for a state children’s commission must be immediately conceded to as it will give a real voice to children.”

Karnataka Child Rights Observatory Launched
Bangalore, Karnataka: June 30th 2008 saw the start of a new initiative to promote and protect child rights in Karnataka.

Strengthening measures for Child Protection
A tea stall owner from Dahisar, a Mumbai suburb, impatiently waited for his turn to appear before the members of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC).

World Day against Child Labour
To meet the challenge of child labour this year World Day against child labour was globally celebrated with a special focus on education. The ILO estimates that globally there are over 165 million child labourers who work in the age group of 5 to 14.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stresses rapid, inclusive growth at National Development Council meeting
With the correct set of policies and dedicated effort by both the Central and State governments, India will not only be able to maintain the momentum of high growth into the near future but may be able to raise it to 10% per annum.

A consortium of media and civil society protects child rights
India's most populous state Uttar Pradesh (UP) is home to 183 million people. Nearly 82.5 million of these are children below the age of 14...

Commission for Protection of Child Rights
This statutory body at the National and State level has been proposed to be set up under the Commission for Protection of Child Rights Act 2005.

Delhi school children speak out against child labour
“This Diwali, I want to help 4 children in child labour instead of burning crackers.” – said Nirdhi, an 11 year old student from The Sri Ram School in Delhi.

Government of India Ban on Domestic Child Labour and Child Labour in the Hospitality Sector: One Year On
On 10 October 2006, the employment of children under 14 as domestic servants and in dhabas, restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality sectors was banned with the coming into force of two notifications to the Child Labour Prohibition (and Regulation) Act

Elected representatives of Valsad pledge their support for child survival and development
Gujarat, 27 July 2007: "For the first time, I learnt in detail about various issues concerning child survival and development. I shall now take up the challenge to make my village a child-friendly village", said Yatinbhai Bhandari.

Addressing child abuse in Mumbai
Fourteen year old Sneha (name changed) suffered from recurrent dizziness and vomiting. Her mother thought that it could be due to weakness and took her to the nearby Nair Hospital, a public health facility run by Mumbai Municipal Corporation.

Developing a tracking system to follow up children in the National Child Labour Projects Scheme (NCLP)
According to the 2001 National Census, in India more than 12 million children in the age group 5-14 are still engaged in exploitative occupations that are detrimental to their rights and to the full development of their potentials.

Children take on the role of Torch Bearer of change in Valsad district
“Children fall sick frequently and many do not go to the school. We have formed a group of Child Reporters, who are working with the community as well as the Village Panchayat to ensure that all babies of our village are fully immunized

Women launch search for UP’s ‘missing girls’ on Women’s Day
It was a little hard to believe that the singing, dancing group of 300 odd women supported by a sprinkling of men volunteers were actually hard-core activists all geared up to bring about gender equality in their state.

Enforcement of Compulsory Registration of Marriages on International Women’s Day in AP
International Women’s day events in the state of Andhra Pradesh had a meaningful culmination this year with the Minister of Panchayati Raj, Mr. J.C. Diwakar Reddy promising to enforce implementation of the Compulsory Registration of Marriages Act.

Child budgeting in India
Children under the age of 18 constitute 40% of India's population. They represent not just India's future, but are integral to securing India's present. Yet, development indicators continue to show slow progress towards securing their welfare.

Uttar Pradesh to create apex social safety net for children
The most populous state of India, Uttar Pradesh, is poised to take the lead in the creation of an apex body for children that will exclusively handle policy interventions and monitor implementation of children related government programmes.

It was children's turn on radio in Bhopal
It was second Sunday of December and reins of all the programs broadcast by the All India Radio Bhopal were in hands of children. The occasion was to mark International Children's Broadcasting day.





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