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Careers at UNICEF


PPE Consultant For Editing

PPE Consultant For Editing

Location: Kolkata or home-based

Official Travel: N.A.

Duration: Part time for 40 days during a period of 7 months

Closing Date: 3 March 2014

I.          Purpose & Rationale of assignment:


I.          Revision & Finalization of District Plans of Action for Children (DPAC) for Malda & Purulia:  District Plans of Action for Purulia and Malda for the new country programme period of 2013-17 will be used by the District Administration and UNICEF Colleagues to work towards achieving key priorities of 2013-17 for women and children of these districts based on the performance of key indicators and prioritization of key initiatives for the next five years. UNICEF will facilitate effective planning, implementation and monitoring of national flagship programmes (NFPs) at the district level through the operationalization of the DPACs. It will also promote innovations and their documentation for future replication and scale up by the Government across other districts of West Bengal. The DPACs, upon request from the District Administrations, will be finalized based on a participatory review process between UNICEF, civil society and the District Administrations of Purulia and Malda. The review for Malda has been completed in 2013 (final inputs from District HoDs awaited) and Purulia will be done as per Govt. guidance in early 2014. Based on final Govt. inputs, these documents need to be revised and finalized. The DPACs will be used as a baseline for reviewing the progress made in the next five years in the priority districts of Purulia and Malda – which have been jointly identified by UNICEF and GoWB. 


II.        Editing & Finalization of State Plan of Action for Children for West Bengal: The National Policy for Children was constituted in 1974 by the Government of India. GoI reiterated its commitment to secure the rights of its children by ratifying related international conventions and treaties. This was further revised in 2013 along with the revision of the National Plan of Action for Children (2005) in 2013. In the light of the revised NPC and NPAC, the priorities of the XIIth Plan and the Five Year Strategy Plan (2011-16) of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, GoI, GoWB is mandated to formulate the State Plans of Action for Children (SPAC) in alignment with national targets and timelines. The formulation of the SPAC will give impetus on the issues pertaining to child survival, development, protection and participation for the children of West Bengal. This will further determine the policies and interventions of the State Government for the next five years. The policies and interventions developed under the State Plans of Action for Children will also be helpful in shaping the vision document for West Bengal, which is being prepared by the Planning Commission. The Department of Women and Child Development and Social Welfare has requested UNICEF for providing technical support to facilitate the formulation of the State Plan of Action for Children as well as formulating the chapter on the women and children for the State Vision Document in 2014.


III.       Editing & Finalization of PRI Handbook: The creation of training materials for PRIs, especially the women panchayat leaders, on CRC, child rights and their entitlements vis-à-vis national flagship schemes and programmes relevant to women and children is a priority for UNICEF and GoWB. Mr. Dilip Pal, Special Secretary, Panchayat & Rural Development Dept., GoWB is directly guiding UNICEF in this initiative from 2013 through to 2014. The creation of this PRI Handbook on Schemes & Entitlements (including ICDS, NRHM, NBA, SSA, RMSA, ICPS, SABLA, IGMSY etc.) is a collaborative activity between PPE-UNICEF & P&RDD in 2014.


IV.       Editing & Finalization of MIS Briefs: The thematic assessment of the MIS systems for key flagship schemes in West Bengal has been completed in 2013. Based on these reports, the GoWB has requested for advocacy briefs on them, outlining the key recommendations and findings. This will further help the GoWB formulate strategies for strengthening MIS systems for monitoring flagship schemes with UNICEF support. The Chief Secretary, GoWB has been updated on this initiative in the meeting of 10th July 2013 and will be presented with the final reports and briefs for initiating further action.


V.        Editing & Finalization of Budget Briefs: In the Mid-Year Review 2013, Mr.Saathiavasan, Add. Chief Secretary, Dept. of Planning, GoWB, identified gender and child budgeting as key priorities for GoWB. UNICEF will be supporting the dept. on the same through the formulation of inter-sectoral budget briefs in 2014.




·         Provide high-level technical support to the DWCD&SW & District Administrations of Purulia and Malda for the consultative preparation of SPAC and DPACs and to P&RDD and Dept of Planning for the formulation of PRI Handbook and Budget Briefs respectively. MIS Briefs will be presented to CS, GoWB for cross sectoral action.


·         A Senior Consultant Editor, well acquainted with UNICEF and GoWB priorities, is required to professionally edit and finalize the documents (prepared by PPE Specialist in collaboration with Sector Colleagues & Domain specialists), as per recognized publication standards. The documents include SPAC for West Bengal, DPAC-Purulia, DPAC-Malda, PRI Handbook, MIS Briefs and Budget Briefs.




A.    Revision & Finalization of District Plan of Action for Children for Malda & Purulia (2014) 


B.     Editing & Finalization of State Plan of Action for Children for West Bengal (2014) 


C.     Editing & Finalization of PRI Handbook on Schemes & Entitlements for West Bengal (2014) 


D.    Editing & Finalization of MIS Briefs 2014


E.     Editing & Finalization of Budget Briefs 2014




·         Finalized and UNICEF approved DPAC Malda


·         Finalized and UNICEF approved DPAC Purulia


·         Finalized and UNICEF approved PRI Handbook, 2014


·         Finalized and UNICEF approved MIS Briefs 2014


·         Finalized and UNICEF approved Budget Briefs 2014




•           PhD/MPhil/M.A. preferably in Economics or in Sociology/ related Social Science disciplines; 


•           10-15 years of research, writing and professional editing experience in the development sector;


•           Experience of working with Government/INGOs/NGOs & an understanding of Govt. programmes and systems.




(1)        Qualified female/male candidates are requested to please indicate their ability and availability to undertake the terms of reference above.


(2)        We request you to please inform us where you have seen this advertisement.


(3)        Your application should be sent to by COB 3 March 2014 with subject line "PPE Consultant for Editing, Kolkata" in separate files consisting of:

a)         An application letter, CV and P11 form (which can be downloaded from our website at

b)         A financial proposal in PDF format indicating deliverable based fee as per template attached.  (Download Template)

 (4)       The financial proposals of only those candidates, who are found technically responsive, will be opened.


(5)        Only short-listed candidates will be called for test/interview (if applicable).  Any attempt to unduly influence UNICEF’s selection process will lead to automatic disqualification of the applicant.

(6)        Joint applications of two or more individuals are not accepted.

(7)        Please note, UNICEF does not charge any fee during any stage of the process.



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