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Careers at UNICEF


Child Development & Nutrition District Coordinator

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Official Travel: Travel within Chennai to blocks and travel to Krishnagiri (maximum of 5 days in a month).

Duration: 11 months 

Closing Date: 28 January 2014

Background, Rationale and Purpose of Assignment:

One-third children in the preschool age continue to be undernourished in Tamil Nadu. The link between under nutrition and infant young child feeding is well established as there is 60% of all deaths in these children is directly or indirectly due to under nutrition.

Over two-thirds of these are mostly associated with inappropriate feeding practices. Poor infant and feeding practices (IYCF) contribute to impaired growth and development. 

In Tamil Nadu, 40.2% of children are exclusively breast fed till six months of age. (CES Report, 2009). Complementary feeding is seen to begin too soon or too late with foods which are often nutritionally inadequate and unsafe.

Such children suffering from malnutrition are thus vulnerable however, children that are HIV-infected deserve special attention because of their additional needs to ensure growth and development and their dependency on adults for adequate care including nutrition care and support for treatment

Although the severe nutritional consequences of HIV infection in adults and children has been recognised for many years, gaps remain in the evidence-base for defining effective interventions to prevent and treat HIV-associated malnutrition in resource constrained settings.

As a result, the development and implementation of guidelines on how best to offer nutritional care to HIV-infected children has lagged. The delivery of such care has   also been compromised by service providers’ overburden and need for training, recurring staff losses and weakened health care systems in HIV-affected settings. Finally, vertical implementation of HIV programmes, such as PMTCT and ART, have resulted in missed opportunities to gain synergy with other existing services.

In Tamil Nadu, which is the first state to report HIV positive case in 1986, presently, has 24,300 people affected with HIV. Of these 3477 are found to be children.  The state established Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society (TNSACS) in 1994 mainly to detect HIV positive cases.

It is reported that there are 24,300 people as HIV positive cases, undergoing the treatment. The state is implementing various programmes and interventions to control the epidemic of HIV though (TANSACS) which is promoted through a total of 48 ART centers, 106 Link ART Centers and one Pediatric Centre of Excellence (PCoE) in 32 districts across 42 Health Units. 

Thus, in the above backdrop and under the broad agenda of child survival and development, Child Development and Nutrition (CDN) Section of UNICEF, Chennai Office proposes to undertake the present project in the districts of Chennai and Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu. The present Terms of Reference is developed for the support of District Co-ordinator to be based in the district of Chennai.

The main aim is to improve nutrition situation of children affected with HIV or at-risk through strengthening of 8 main service delivery centers (2   ARTs and 6 LACs-Link ART Centers) and others health-nutrition centers of service delivery.

These centers will be assisted to be equipped with job-aids and the personnel will be supported to acquire knowledge and skills to treat HIV infected mothers and children under the on-going programme. Thus, the main objective to appoint a district Co-ordinator for Chennai district is as under:

Main Objective:

To strengthen government Institutions in Chennai district and support delivery of nutrition services for HIV affected children under two years of age. The main emphasis will be on improving IYCF services through skill building of service providers and mothers/care-takers so as to result in positive outcomes as in improved nutritional status of children at risk or infected with HIV/AIDS.


a. Situational Analysis (SITAN) of HIV services and support for treatment through PCOE, ART and LAC centers in pilot districts.

b. Recording and close scrutiny of existing knowledge, skills, equipment and job-aids (IEC and counseling), and in management of programme interventions.

c. Support data collection for baseline for HIV/AIDS affected mothers and high-risk/affected children

d. On data obtained from SITAN and baseline.

i. Support capacity development of Nutritional anthropometry and 

ii. Clinical examination.

e. Develop training package based service providers on IYCF and nutrition services for HIV mothers and their children under two years of age for:

i. Service providers in Institutions

ii. Field level functionaries under health, ICDS 

iii. Mothers and care-takers. 

f. Monitor IYCF promotion at all levels (institution and community) and support delivery and utilization of services by service providers and mothers with HIV and their children (affected and or ‘at risk’) in PCoE, ART/LACs.

g. Provide support for routine data recording, compilation and recording observations as the activities progress in institutions and in the communities.

h. Organize and facilitate mid-post data collection under the project. 

i. Provide inputs from field level experiences and learnings to study the overall impact of the integrated package of services for treatment of HIV and growth promotion on the nutritional status of children.

Major Tasks:

1. Organize and facilitate Situation Analysis of the existing Institutions (PCoE, and ART Centers, N=6) through activities such as tool development, Training of Trainers (TOT).

2. Development of training package adapted from the standard guidelines (WHO/UNICEF) and prepared in English and Tamil languages. 

3. Co-ordinate with health dept. and TNSACS and support state level activities in such as state consultations, Master Trainings and state reviews, along with District Co-ordinator for Krishnagiri, under the guidance of the Supervisor.

4. Support Capacity Development of service-providers in Institutions and at grass-root level such as ICDS, NRHM and District AIDS Control Society in the assigned district or in the blocks as required.

5. Co-ordinate and facilitate delivery of integrated package of services for nutrition focusing IYCF and care behaviour along with medical services mainly in institutions and also in the community.

6. Facilitate pre and baseline data collection through planning execution and monitoring of nutrition surveys, nutritional anthropometry, and clinical examination.

7. Facilitate pre and baseline data collection through planning execution and monitoring of nutrition surveys, nutritional anthropometry, and clinical examination of children affected or at risk of HIV/AIDs.

8. Undertake travels blocks of Krishnagiri district as per the need- and visit centers catering to HIV infected mothers and their infected/at-risk children with nutrition interventions and to complement the efforts of District Co-ordinator in Krishnagiri.

9. Support data recording, compilation and reporting at regular intervals on service utilization. 

10. Support and organize frequent reviews at state, district and block levels with programme implementers, service providers and other stake holders.  

Deliverables with Timeline:

Month 1: SITAN planned & initiated in Chennai- State Consultation held in Chennai.

Month 2: SITAN completed, Baseline planned, tools developed - District Orientation completed

Month 3: Baseline completed in 6 Institutions (with programme implementers & service -providers)

Month 4: Baseline completed in community across 12 blocks with HIV+ve Mothers/ Care-takers-their children

Month 5: Training package developed in English & Tamil (refer standard Module- WHO/UNICEF)

Month 6: Training package printed in Tamil and Training schedule ready for service providers. 

Month 7: Training initiated and 10 batches completed in the district for personnel of 6 Institutions - CDPOs Supervisors, SHNs and CHNs.

Month 8: Plan of Activities (PoA) prepared during trainings and & implemented in Institutions

Month 9: Develop Reporting tools- Trainings facilitated and supported by block officials for AWCs & PHC field functionaries in 12 blocks 

Month 10: Trainings completed & PoA by AWWs for mothers prepared and implemented 

Month 11: IYCF Activities initiated & monitored in Institutions- AWCs & submit progress reports.

Qualifications & Experience required

Advanced university degree in Nutrition, life sciences, public health, social sciences.

Experience of working with HIV/AID affected populations especially mothers and their children under 3 years.

One year experience of working with key health and ICDS flagship programmes at all levels.

Skills in field surveys and nutrition assessment (anthropometry) required.

Previous experience of working with UN organization will be desirable.

Comfortable with MS office, Data management, analysis, documentation, & communication

Language proficiency; English reading and writing skills. Additional knowledge of Tamil writing and spoken skills would be an asset.

Application Procedures

(1) Qualified female/male candidates are requested to please indicate their ability and availability to undertake the terms of reference above.

(2) Your application should be sent to by COB 28 January 2014 with subject line "CDN District Coordinator, Chennai, TN" in separate files (not to exceed a total size of 4 MB per email):

a) An application letter, CV and P11 form in PDF format (which can be downloaded from our website at 

b) A financial proposal in PDF format indicating deliverable based fee as per template attached. (download)

 (3) The financial proposals of only those candidates, who are found technically responsive, will be opened.

(4) Only short-listed candidates will be called for test/interview (if applicable).  Any attempt to unduly influence UNICEF’s selection process will lead to automatic disqualification of the applicant.

(5) Joint applications of two or more individuals are not accepted.




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