Careers at UNICEF

Careers at UNICEF


Nutrition Consultant

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Duration: 5 Months

Closing Date: 12th August 2013
Extended Closing Date: 9 September

Purpose of the assignment

To coordinate and monitor programme activities and assist in strengthening the IYCN programme, Call to Action and other programmes in the states.  Help in capacity development activities and in networking with other Institutions and NGOs working for the same cause at various levels.


The CDN programme in Tamil Nadu collaborates closely with ICDS and NRHM to promote IYCN related activities, supporting services under the Sabla scheme, up-scaling IFA supplementation in schools and partnering for improving micronutrient interventions.  There is need for co-ordination in districts and in blocks so as to facilitate planning, implementation and monitoring of the strategies and approaches that will be guided and demonstrated by UNICEF’s CDN sector.

The CDN programme under the Chennai Office also supports selected interventions in the state of Kerala, such as the Call to Action (C2A) agenda for accelerating government’s efforts for improving child survival and development. This requires immediate co-ordination efforts to focus on nutrition interventions in the high priority districts assigned to UNICEF by GoI/GoK.

Moreover, one of the important state-wide nutrition programmes for child survival is the biannual vitamin A supplementation rounds. Government of Kerala is facing problems in supplies and in timely implementation of the therapeutic dose to preschool children. Thus, there is an urgent need to co-ordinate with the government in this regard and analyse the related problems for paving way for smooth execution of the  vitamin A supplementation at six-monthly intervals, each year.

Basic Objectives


1.         To facilitate capacity development related activities for implementation of revised strategies/approaches in nutrition programmes to improve coverage and reach in both states, such as vitamin A supplementation.


2.         To support meetings and orientations of stakeholders in promotion of double-fortified salt in the state of Tamil Nadu.


3.         To catalyze government’s efforts for accelerating nutrition interventions in the backward districts of Tamil Nadu. 


4.         To review inputs related to CDN programme in the high priority districts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala in under the Call to Action Agenda.

Major Tasks


1.         Monitor the status of key ICDS interventions with focus on accreditation of Anganwadis in Tamil Nadu.


2.         Analyze the major bottlenecks and gaps in training of IYCF, availability of job aids and counselling tools on nutrition and monitoring systems in the ICDS with focus on equity, in Tamil Nadu.


3.         Co-ordinate with programme partners for developing and expanding partnerships to implement child nutritional assessments under ICDS in all districts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.


4.         Support the state of Tamil Nadu in reviewing the implementation of the SABLA programme in the respective Sabla districts.


5.         Undertake active role for assisting district departments in implementing interventions under C2A in the focus districts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.


6.         Liaise with TNSC, ICDS, NRHM and Education and other depts. such as consumer protection for promotion of iodized salt, double fortified salt and for food fortification.


Monthly activity and progress reports outlining:


1.         Number of trainings and other activities planned such as meetings, reviews, planned and conducted.

2.         Updates on C2A planned and completed in Tamil Nadu and or Kerala.

3.         Status report on Accreditation of Anganwadis in Tamil Nadu.

4.         Report on major bottlenecks and gaps in training of IYCF and counselling tools on nutrition and monitoring systems in the ICDS with focus on equity.

5.         Report on the implementation of SABLA programme in SABLA districts in Tamil Nadu

Qualification or specialized knowledge/experience required for the assignment

•           Advanced university degree in Nutrition, life sciences, public health, social sciences.

•           Knowledge of working with key health and ICDS flagship programmes at state and district level.

•           At least 2-3 years of Experience of working with key health and ICDS flagship programmes at state and district level.

•           At least 2-3 years of experience in proposal development, programme management, documentation and assessments/ research in health and nutrition.

•           Previous experience of working with UN organization will be desirable.

•           Skills: Computer literacy in MS office, Data management and analysis, documentation, report writing and oral presentation skills.

•           Language proficiency; English reading and writing skills. Additional knowledge of Tamil and Malayalam reading, writing and spoken skills would be an asset.

Application Procedures


(1)        Qualified female/male candidates are requested to please indicate their ability and availability to undertake the terms of reference above.

(2)        Your application should be sent to by COB 12th August 2013 with subject line "Consultancy for Nutrition Programme, Chennai" in separate files:


a)         A cover letter, CV and P11 form (download )

b)         A financial proposal indicating deliverable based fee as per template attached.


(3)        The financial proposals of only those candidates, who are found technically responsive, will be opened.

(4)        Please note, offers without financial proposal will not be considered.

(5)        Only short-listed candidates will be called for test/interview (if applicable). 


(6)        Any attempt to unduly influence UNICEF’s selection process will lead to automatic disqualification of the applicant.

(7)        Joint applications of two or more individuals are not accepted.

Download financial bid template



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