Our work

UNICEF's Programmes in India Include :-

  • Health
  • Nutrition
  • Water Environment & Sanitation
  • Education
  • Child Protection.



Despite improvements over last 30 years health challenges for children in India remain. An increased effort is needed to ensure the necessary reduction in maternal, infant and young child mortality.

UNICEF supports the Government in its objectives to reduce and prevent malnutrition and to improve the development of children under three years old, especially those in marginalised groups.

Water, environment and sanitation
UNICEF supports the national and state governments in developing and implementing a range of replicable models for sanitation, hygiene and water supply.                                               

As a part of the joint UN response and within the context of NACP-III, UNICEF collaborates with the Government of India and other partners in four key programme areas we call the four Ps.

The number of children who are not in school remains high and gender disparities in education persist despite a major improvement in literacy rates during the 1990s.

Child protection
UNICEF India’s programmatic approach to child protection aims to build a protective environment in which children can live and develop in the full respect of their fundamental rights.



For every child
Health, Education, Equality, Protection