Kyunki…Jeena Issi Ka Naam Hai


Virtuous, tender, down to earth.  Simple, resilient, with a clear sense of right and wrong.  She knows injustice when she sees it but can she do anything about it?  Tragedy engenders turmoil, then toil—and she finds her life’s mission:  the National Rural Health Mission.

Role played by Geetanjali Gill.


This radiant metro girl had it all…or did she?  The ace business graduate plunges into frontline public service!  Caring but confident, self-effacing but expressive, she doesn’t “know her place” and that’s dangerous for a newcomer in Rajpura.  Newcomer?  Something feels uncomfortably familiar about her new home…

Role played by Shweta Munshi.


Fighting fit, inside and out (or is she?), a beauty with a sharp bite. From abuse to divorce, she’s seen it all and doesn’t like what she’s seen. Too old too quick and still too young: she’s a one-woman army out to save childhood. A bruising task—sometimes not even worth trying…

Role Played by Geeta Bisht


Erudite, romantic, witty, pure-hearted.  He’s got what it to takes be a great teacher, but will he be a great anything?  With lost love comes lost labour—and the difficulties can only pile up.  Blessed with both sense and sensibility, cursed with sensitivity, can he find—and maintain—balance?  Will he do the right thing?

Role Played by Ishtiaq Syed


A diamond in the rough.  Quiet, strong, longsuffering, she has been the good wife since before time.  Becoming the sarpanch was supposed simply to be an extension of her spousal duty.  Is lack of personal ambition a bad thing?  A traditional woman, yes, but one who is increasingly conscious of what is wheat and what is chaff.

Role Played by Chandra Bisht


Charismatic and duplicitous, the seemingly magnanimous philanthropist is the ultimate puppet master his invisible strings controlling far more than meets the eye. Feared and revered, soft-spoken yet menacing, here is a suave, deadly man of deeper motives, schemes, and machinations.

Role Played by Anupam Shyam



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Kyunki…Jeena Issi Ka Naam Hai: Key Characters