Working Papers

This page contains UNICEF health-related working papers.



   Systematic review of childhood infections and gender - 2014
   Access to health care through community health workers in East and Southern Africa

 Enabling district health teams to identify barriers to equitable access - 2014


Financing for immunization at sub-national levels: A systematic literature review - 2014 (1MB)


Innovations to improve access to maternal and child health services at district level: Case studies from Ghana - 2014


Addressing sub-national financial bottlenecks for immunization services: Piloting a rapid assessment approach - 2014


Integrating an approach to assess UHC access barriers into district health systems strengthening in Uganda, Ghana and Rawanda - 2014


Using a bottleneck analysis approach to district health systems strengthening to reach equable Universal Health Coverage - 2013


Determinants of the non-uptake of health services:
A quantitative analysis of household survey data from Ghana, Rwanda, Bangladesh and Vietnam - 2013


 Linking performance based financing to performance based planning: the example of Punjab, Pakistan - 2013


Access to health services:
Analyzing non-financial barriers in Ghana, Rwanda, Bangladesh and Vietnam using household survey data: A review of the literature - 2013


Innovative Approaches to Maternal and Newborn Health:
Compendium of Case Studies
- 2013


A systematic review of strategies to increase demand, uptake and quality of community-based diagnosis and case management of malaria - 2012


Community case management of diarrhea, malaria and pneumonia: Tracking science to policy and practice in sub-Saharan Africa - 2012


Review of Systematic Challenges to the Scale-up of Integrated Community Case Management: Emerging Lessons & Recommendations from the Catalytic Initiative (CI/IHSS) - 2012

Qualitative study to identify solutions to local barriers to care-seeking and treatment for diarrhoea malaria and pneumonia in select high burden countries:
Report on findings from Kenya - 2012
Report on findings from Niger - 2012
Report on findings from Nigera - 2012





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