Report: Finishing School


Panama/Montreal/Santiago, 31 August 2012 – in Latin America and the Caribbean there are approximately 117 million boys, girls and adolescents in the preschool, primary and basic secondary education age groups. However, 6.5 million of them do not attend school and 15.6 million attend school carrying the burden of failure and inequality expressed in either a two- or more-year lag behind the normal age for their school grade or a record of grade repetition.

This is the main information provided in a report entitled “Finishing School. A Right for Children´s Development: A Joint Effort” presented by UNESCO and UNICEF...

Second meeting of mayors


On July 24, the second meeting was held with the participation of mayors of 43 local authorities in Guatemala to monitor the commitments made at the first meeting in November 2011 on the implementation of the Municipal Systems Protection of Children and Adolescents . The intention of this second meeting is to socialize the good practices that have been conducted municipalities in recent months, to contribute towards the attainment of the activation of these systems in more municipalities of the Republic to reduce the rates of registration of births, malnutrition , child abuse, sexual violence and human trafficking among other problems affecting children and adolescents.



UNICEF Guatemala expanding partnerships


UNICEF Guatemala expanding partnerships to strengthen commitment to child survival and scale up nutrition. The official launch of nutritional monitoring system via SMS is added to various alliances to combat malnutrition. The Ministry of Health, together with the United Nations Development Program, the TIGO Foundation and the United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, officially launched the "Mobile System for Monitoring Acute Malnutrition in the Community", aimed at saving the lives of thousands of children with serious nutritional problems in the context of national efforts to achieve "Zero Hunger"



The faces of hunger


For now, UNICEF is working in four priority areas, in coordination with government authorities and the United Nations system: (i) providing therapeutic formulas F-75 and F-100 for the nutritional recovery of 1000 girls and boys suffering from malnutrition in hospitals located in the most affected area and 4000 envelopes of oral rehydration salts; (ii) hiring and...


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