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The objective of UNICEF -  to build a world fit for all children, can not be done without partnership. UNICEF Gambia works with all levels of society – parents, community leaders, non government agencies, donors, the diplomatic community, the primary partner, Government of The Gambia and the children of The Gambia.

All of UNICEF’s partners play a vital role in coordinating and implementing activities that work towards promoting, and ensuring the survival, protection and development for all of The Gambia’s children.

In vein with the UN Reform, UNICEF Gambia’s collaboration with its inter-agency partners increases and strengthens every year. Specifically, UNICEF Gambia collaborates regularly with UNFPA, UNDP, WFP, UNAIDS, WHO and UNHCR.


© UNICEF/Gambia/2009
Renowned Gambian Musician and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Mr. Jaliba Kuyateh

UNICEF Gambia is proud that Gambian musician, and long term children’s advocate, Jaliba Kuyateh has officially partnered with UNICEF as the newly appointed National Ambassador. Being the first Gambian UN National Ambassador, Mr. Kuyateh joins other ambassadors whom are prominent individuals from the worlds of arts, sciences, literature, entertainment, sport or other fields of public life who have expressed their desire to contribute to United Nations efforts to raise awareness of the aims, objectives and priorities of the United Nations, to convey messages about its activities and to extend its public outreach.

From his first profession as a teacher to his current one as a  musician, Mr. Kuyateh’s strong commitment to children’s wellbeing has been consistent. He joins other celebrities such as Roger Moore, Angelique Kidjo, David Beckham, Harry Belafonte, Shakira and many others in using his talent and fame to raise funds, awareness, and advocate  for children and support UNICEF’s mission to ensure that every child has the right to health, education, equality, and protection.



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