Day of the African Child 2015


Young people are important actors in ending child marriage in Africa, says UNICEF


Banjul, 16  June 2015Child marriage remains a brutal reality for millions of girls across Africa, denying them the right to live healthy and fulfilling lives.


ECHO provides over half a Million Euros to save the lives of more children in The Gambia with nutrition support

Banjul, 8th May 2015 - The European Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department (ECHO) is committed to saving the lives of more children in The Gambia through the provision of additional funding to UNICEF, totalling €549,957, as part of its support to the nutrition response in the Sahel. 


Living and growing up with HIV 

Six year-old Alpha Sarr, from the Central River Region of The Gambia, lives with his mother in the family compound of his maternal grandparents. He has been HIV positive all his life but nobody, except his mother and his home-base care volunteer, knows about his status. 


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