Oneminutesjr. vidéos

UNICEF: oneminutesjr.- La vida en la calle

(Sergio Perez Macario, 15, Mexico, 2010)
"I am stuck within the boundaries of my own freedom," a 24-year-old says of his 10 years on Mexico City's streets.

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UNICEF: oneminutesjr.- The Star of the World

(Ginândria António Novela, 13, Mozambique, 2011)
This girl knows how to fix her community's problems -- and says she will when she becomes governor of Chibuto.

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UNICEF: oneminutejr. - Comparison

(Nate Thurmond, 12, USA)
A 12-year-old invites us to look closely at the similarities and differences between neighbourhoods in the city of Pittsburgh.

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UNICEF: oneminutesJr.- Out on the Streets

(Zam Namayanja, 13, Uganda, 2010)
"I work in the evening because City Council law enforcement is never here in the evening," says this young vegetable seller.

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UNICEF: oneminutesJr.- Child Labour

(Mesulame Tadulala, 20, Fiji, 2010)
"One day I'm going to go back to school," says a 13-year-old as he carries cargo along city streets to support his unemployed parents.

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UNICEF: oneminutesjr.- Long Road

(Demir Dinkov, 13, Bulgaria, 2011)
Demir, a Roma boy, reflects on discrimination on the long road back from downtown.

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UNICEF: oneminutesjr.- Child Labour

(Anika Carter, 19, Solomon Islands, 2011)
To support his family, a 9 year old boy picks through rubbish at the city dump -- where he is exposed to toxins and pathogens.

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Oneminutesjr. vidéos

Les vidéos "Oneminutesjr.", d'une durée de 60 secondes, ont été réalisées à l'occasion d'ateliers soutenus par l'UNICEF par des jeunes issus du monde entier et âgés entre 12 et 20 ans. Ces vidéos ont été sélectionnées pour refléter certains des thèmes du rapport sur La situation des enfants dans le monde 2012 (SOWC). Ces vidéos sont généralement en anglais.

2 vies : à 2 miles de distance

2 vies : à 2 miles de distance est une série de films qui souligne les questions cruciales influant sur la vie des enfants en milieu urbain.