Conseil d'administration

Deuxième session régulière 2006

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Agenda item 2 - Provisional agenda

E/ICEF/2006/18 [pdf]
Latin American and the Caribbean Presentation Wednesday 6 September 2006 - revised draft programme [pdf]

Agenda item 3 – Education update

rapport oral [pdf]

Agenda item 4 – Proposals for UNICEF programme cooperation

(a) Draft country programme documents (CPDs)

Eastern and Southern Africa
Eritrea – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.35   [pdf]   UNDAF [pdf] 
South Africa – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.36  [pdf]   UNDAF [pdf] 
United Republic of Tanzania – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.37  [pdf]  UNDAF [pdf]
Zambia – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.38  [pdf]   UNDAF [pdf]
Zimbabwe – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.6/Rev.1 [pdf] UNDAF (to be added)

West and Central Africa
Central African Republic – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.39   [pdf] UNDAF  (French)  [pdf] 
Gambia – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.40  [pdf]    UNDAF [pdf]
Senegal – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.41  [pdf] UNDAF (French) [pdf]
Liberia – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.42 [pdf]

Americas and the Caribbean
Belize – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.43   [pdf]    UNDAF [pdf]
Brazil – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.44   [pdf]  UNDAF  [pdf]
Dominican Republic – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.45  [pdf] and E/ICEF/2006/P/L.45/Corr.1 [pdf] UNDAF (Spanish) [pdf]
El Salvador – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.46  [pdf] and E/ICEF/2006/P/L.46/Corr.1   [pdf]  UNDAF (to be added)
Honduras – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.47   [pdf]    UNDAF  (Spanish)  [pdf]
Jamaica – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.48   [pdf]    UNDAF [pdf
Panama – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.49  [pdf]    UNDAF (to be added)
Paraguay – E/ICEF/2006/ P/L.50  [pdf]   UNDAF (to be added)
Costa Rica – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.51  [pdf]
Cuba – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.52  [pdf]
Haiti – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.53   [pdf] and E/ICEF/2006/P/L.53/Corr.1  [pdf]
Mexico – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.54   [pdf]
Nicaragua – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.55  [pdf] and E/ICEF/2006/P/L.55/Corr.1[pdf]

East Asia and the Pacific
Democratic People's Republic of Korea – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.56   [pdf]
Lao People’s Democratic Republic – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.57  [pdf] UNDAF  [pdf]
Mongolia – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.58  [pdf]   UNDAF (to be added)

Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States
Croatia –E/ICEF/2006/P/L.59  [pdf]
Montenegro – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.60   [pdf]

Middle East and North Africa
Gulf Area Office – E/ICEF/2006/P/L.61   [pdf]

(b)  Recommendation for approval of additional other resources for approved country programmes

E/ICEF/2006/P/L.63   [pdf]

Agenda item 5 – Regional summaries of mid-term reviews and major evaluations of country programmes

Eastern and Southern Africa - E/ICEF/2005/P/L.28   [pdf]
West and Central Africa - E/ICEF/2005/P/L.29   (English/French)  [pdf]
Americas and Caribbean -  E/ICEF/2005/P/L.30  [pdf]
East Asia and the Pacific - E/ICEF/2005/P/L.31   [pdf]
South Asia - E/ICEF/2005/P/L.32   [pdf]
Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States - E/ICEF/2005/P/L.33   [pdf]
Middle East and North Africa - E/ICEF/2005/P/L.34   [pdf]

Agenda item 6 - Financial matters

(a) Medium-term strategic plan: planned financial estimates for the period 2006-2009

E/ICEF/2006/AB/L.6 [pdf]

(b) Proposal for strengthening the UNICEF emergency response capacity

E/ICEF/2006/P/L.62   [pdf]

(c) Supplementary support budget for preparedness for influenza pandemic

E/ICEF/2006/AB/L.9   [pdf]   and E/ICEF/2006/AB/L.9/Corr.1   [pdf]
Report of the ACABQ -  E/ICEF/2006/AB/L.10   [pdf]

Agenda item 7 – PSD financial report and statement for the year ended 31 December 2005

E/ICEF/2006/AB/L.7   [pdf]

Agenda item 8 - Report on internal audit activities in 2005

E/ICEF/2005/AB/L.8   [pdf]

Agenda item 9 - Options to further improve and streamline the current harmonized country programme approval process

E/ICEF/2006/CRP.17 [pdf]

Agenda item 10 – Ending Child Hunger and Undernutrition Initiative: oral report


Agenda item 11 – Decisions taken by the Economic and Social Council at its substantive session of 2006 that are of relevance to UNICEF: oral report


Agenda item 12 – Report on the implementation of the decisions and recommendations of the Programme Coordinating Board of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS

DP-FPA/2006/1-E/ICEF/2006/20 [pdf]

Agenda item 13 – Programme of work for Executive Board sessions in 2007

E/ICEF/2006/19 [pdf]

Agenda item 14 –Reports of the Executive Board field visits

(a)  Joint field visit by members of the Executive Boards of UNDP/UNFPA, UNICEF and theWorld Food Programme to Indonesia

DP-FPA/2006/CRP.2-E/ICEF/2006/CRP.16 [pdf]

(b)  Field visit by the members of the Bureau to India


(c)  Field visit by members of the Executive Board to Chad