Conseil d'administration

Session annuelle 2006

5-9 juin 2006

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Agenda item 2 - Provisional agenda


Agenda item 3 - Annual report of the Executive Director: progress and achievements against the medium-term strategic plan


Agenda item 4 - UNICEF post-crisis transition strategy in support of the MTSP


and E/ICEF/2006/17/Corr.1


Agenda item 5 - Review of the UNICEF cost-recovery policy


Report of the ACABQ


Agenda item 6 - Report on options to improve the harmonized country programme approval process, prepared in consultation with the United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Population Fund


Agenda item 7 - Report on the implementation of joint programming


and E/ICEF/2006/13/Add.1

Agenda item 8 - Report on UNICEF engagement in sector-wide approaches


Agenda item 9 - Ending Child Hunger and Undernutrition Initiative: oral report

Agenda item 10 - Report on the evaluation function in UNICEF


Agenda item 11 - Proposals for UNICEF programme cooperation

Eastern and Southern Africa
Ethiopia - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.2 [pdf] UNDAF [pdf]
and E/ICEF/2006/P/L.2/Corr.1 [pdf] 
Malawi - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.3 [pdf]
Mozambique - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.4 [pdf]  UNDAF [pdf]
Rwanda - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.5 [pdf]
Zimbabwe - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.6 [pdf]   
(Consideration of the document has been postponed until the second regular session in September.)

West and Central Africa
Equatorial Guinea - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.7 [pdf]
Gabon - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.8 [pdf]  UNDAF [pdf] (French)
Guinea - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.9 [pdf]  UNDAF[pdf] (French)
Sao Tome and Principe - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.10 [pdf] UNDAF [pdf]
Togo - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.11 [pdf]

East Asia and the Pacific
Thailand - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.12 [pdf] UNDAF [pdf]

South Asia
Bhutan - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.13 [pdf]
Nepal - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.14 [pdf]
Sri Lanka - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.15 [pdf]

Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States
Republic of Moldova - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.16 [pdf]  UNDAF [pdf]

Middle East and North Africa
Algeria - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.17 [pdf] 
Egypt - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.18 [pdf]  UNDAF [pdf]
Iraq - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.19  [pdf]
Lebanon - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.20 [pdf]
Morocco - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.21 [pdf]  UNDAF [pdf] (French)
Oman - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.22 [pdf]
Sudan - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.23 [pdf]
Syrian Arab Republic - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.24 [pdf]
Tunisia - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.25 [pdf]
Yemen - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.26 [pdf] UNDAF [pdf]

Additional regular resources for approved country programmes
E/ICEF/2006/P/L.27 [pdf]


Agenda item 12 - UNICEF Maurice Pate Leadership for Children Award


Agenda item 13 - Violence related to children and adolescents in conflict with the law: oral report


Agenda item 14 - United Nations Study on Violence against Children: oral report


Agenda item 15 - Reports of Executive Board field visits

Visit by the President to the Central African Republic [pdf]