Press releases

BANGUI - 22 August 2014
ECHO and UNICEF join forces for families affected by violence in Central African Republic

JUBA - 18 August 2014
UNICEF: Responding to dire emergency in South Sudan, the European Commission adds €5 million toward scale up for children

NAIROBI - 31 July 2014
ECHO funds help contain polio outbreak in Horn of Africa

LUANDA - 24 July 2014
Angola focus on sanitation enhancement to reduce child mortality

KINSHASA - 14 July 2014
ECHO and UNICEF Renew their Alliance for Emergency Response in the DRC

SANA'A/BRUSSELS - 10 July 2014
ECHO supports UNICEF to reach 70,000 severely malnourished children in Yemen

EU support reduces child mortality in Somalia

NIAMEY - 7 July 2014
ECHO funding saved lives of thousands children threatened by malaria in Niger

BANGUI - 1 July 2014
UNICEF and EU improve access to safe water for 800,000 people in Bangui

BRUSSELS - 26 June 2014
Action and investment needed to universalize education: UNICEF

UNICEF receives €1.3 million from the European Union to enhance response to child malnutrition in Chad's Sahel belt

ASTANA - 10 June 2014
European Union and UNICEF launch joint programme for enhancing Justice for Children in Kazakhstan

PHNOM PENH - 22 May 2014
European Union and UNICEF: building community resilience against floods in Cambodia

BRUSSELS - 15 May 2014
The European Union and UNICEF launch ‘Voices of Children in Emergencies’ campaign

OUAGADOUGOU - 8 May 2014
The Government of Burkina Faso marks its commitment for stunting  reduction among children under five years old through a multi-sectorial approach

JUBA - 7 May 2014
The European Commission contributes €4.5 million to support South Sudanese Children PR from South Sudan

BAMAKO - 23 April 2014
ECHO and UNICEF join forces to address the food crisis in Mali

ADDIS ABABA - 16 April 2014
EU donates €40 million to improve maternal and new-born health in Ethiopia 

PORT-AU-PRINCE -  10 April 2014
The European Union allocates € 1.5 million to UNICEF to fight cholera (press release in French)

MANILA - 20 March 2014
Vaccines and immunization equipment to benefit children affected by Typhoon Yolanda

BRUSSELS - 14 March 2014
EU to provide more funding to fight polio in Syria

BANGUI - 5 March 2014
Central African Republic: Drinking water restored to over 183,000 people ahead of the rainy season

BRUSSELS - 4 March 2014
Commissioner Andris Piebalgs announces new EU support for the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda

STRASBOURG - 12 March 2014
European parliamentarians mark third year of Syrian conflict and mobilize for children of Syria

NEW YORK - 24 February 2014
Public urged to voice their outrage and demand action to prevent a lost generation in Syria

AMMAN - 6 February 2014
Support to the Security Sector in Applying the Rule of Law (UNICEF Middle East and North Africa)

NEW YORK - 4 February 2014
EU and UNICEF boost their partnership to improve child and maternal health and to save more children

BRUSSELS - 28 January 2014
EU Parliamentarians agree to prevent a lost generation of Syrian children

KHARTOUM/ BRUSSELS - 22 January 2014
European Commission’s Humanitarian Office supports fight against child malnutrition in Sudan with grant of €2 million for UNICEF

DAR ES SALAAM - 22 January 2014
UNICEF, EU, Save the Children and Plan International Join Forces with Tanzania to End Violence against Children

BAMAKO/BRUSSELS - 15 January 2014
ECHO and UNICEF join forces for crisis affected children to go back to school

BAMAKO/BRUSSELS - 9 January 2014
ECHO and UNICEF join forces for crisis affected children to go back to school

NEW YORK - 7 January 2014
Global champions and $1 billion investment needed to prevent a lost generation of Syrian children

BRUSSELS - 19 December 2013
UNICEF to receive €18 million from EU for Syrian crisis

BRUSSELS - 9 December 2013
EU donates additional € 10 million to UNICEF for education of children in Syria

BRUSSELS - 20 November 2013
EU Children of Peace: a lasting legacy of the Nobel Peace Prize supporting thousands of children worldwide

NEW YORK, 24 September 2013
Additional US$45 million contribution to Syria’s children, as EU becomes largest donor to UNICEF appeal

New donation brings EU humanitarian aid for Syrian child refugees through UNICEF to nearly €16 million

KINSHASA, 22 August, 2013
UNICEF and partners bring medical supplies, assistance to displaced Congolese

BRUSSELS, 18 August 2013
World Humanitarian Day: Europe's support to humanitarian work

NAIROBI, 8 July 2013
The European Commission gives 4.5 million Euros to reduce Somali child deaths from malnutrition

BAMAKO/BRUSSELS, 09 July, 2013
The European Commission provides UNICEF €3 Million to Help Combat Malnutrition in Mali

BAGHDAD, 8 July 2013
Iraq adopts standards to improve children’s learning environments

BRUSSELS, 27 June 2013
EU and UNICEF: Fewer children behind bars, greater reforms needed

UNICEF receives €3 Million Funds from the European Commission to Combat Malnutrition in Pakistan

European Commission grants additional €5 million to UNICEF’s Syria crisis response

ADDIS ABABA, 19 June 2013
ECHO gives €2.5 million to improve nutrition outcomes for children in Ethiopia

ECHO funds UNICEF to Continue Revitalization of Essential Health Services in North of Mali

DAKAR, 29 May 2013
The European Commission and UNICEF aim to prevent mass child death in the Sahel

HARARE, 21 May, 2013
European Union announces a €13.5 million grant to improve education and nutrition for Zimbabwe’s children

LUSAKA, 10 May, 2013
The European Union grants EURO 44 million to the Government of the Republic of Zambia to support the acceleration of progress towards maternal neonatal and child morbidity and mortality reduction in Zambia

EU Children of Peace initiative: EU Provides Nobel Peace Prize funds to UNICEF for Education in Northwestern Pakistan

NIAMEY (NIGER), 6 May 2013
European Union and UNICEF support the fight against chronic malnutrition in Niger

ECHO allocates 1.25 million Euros to UNICEF to reduce diarrheal diseases and cholera in IDP camps

ANKARA, 27 March 2013
The European Union and UNICEF Turkey have launched the project “Increasing Resilience of Syrian Children in Turkey” to assist vulnerable school-aged Syrian children and youth (ages 4-18) living in camps in Turkey

A new contribution to help UNICEF reach families affected by displacement in Eastern DR Congo brings the total allocation by ECHO to €10.7 million (US$14 million)

LUANDA, 8 March 2013
EU helps fight malnutrition

TRIPOLI, March 2013
The European Union and UNICEF support Libya's education programmes

ISTANBUL, 1 March 2013
Children need greater involvement in disaster risk reduction

BRUSSELS, 6 February 2013
Joint Statement on the International Day against Female Genital Mutilation

BANGUI, 28 January 2013
UNICEF scales up operations in Central African Republic to reach children in need of assistance because of conflict

BRUSSELS/New York, 18 December 2012
EU Nobel Peace Prize award to help build foundation of peace for children.  UNICEF among five agencies to benefit.

SANA’A/BRUSSELS, 19 November 2012
ECHO provides €7 million to help UNICEF combat child malnutrition in Yemen

ASHGABAT, 1 November 2012
Turkmenistan education and civil defense specialists continue the dialogue in disaster risk reduction in education

ADDIS ABABA, 30 October 2012
Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security: Partners join forces against acute malnutrition and stunting

AMMAN, 7 October, 2012
EU contributes € 10 million to UNICEF education programmes for children of Syrian refugees and host communities in Jordan

BANGUI, 2 October 2012
ECHO gives €1.9 million to UNICEF to respond to sudden emergencies

KATHMANDU, 20 September 2012:
A Milestone Plan Launched to Improve Maternal and Child Nutrition in Nepal

SARAJEVO, 18 September 2012
Improving responses to violence against children by turning evidence into policy and results

ECHO provides €600,000 to fight cholera outbreak in Niger

NEW YORK / BRUSSELS, 11 September 2012
UNICEF and European Commission put children first in emergencies

BRUSSELS, 22 June 2012
UNICEF combats malnutrition in Pakistan with EU support

BRUSSELS, 18 June 2012
UNICEF joins EU talks to scale up aid for the Sahel and increase people’s resilience

BRUSSELS / DAKAR, 02 May 2012
European Commission donates additional 16.5 million Euros to UNICEF’s Sahel appeal as dry season begins.

BRUSSELS, 05 October 2011
UNICEF and the European Union announce new support to help improve nutrition for millions in Africa

BAGHDAD, 17 March 2011
UNICEF, European Union and Government of Iraq start €17M programme to improve primary education in Iraq

BANGKOK, 06 January 2011
UNICEF and the European Union collaborate to tackle desperately neglected problem of nutrition security in Asia
PORT-AU-PRINCE -  10 April 2014
The European Union allocates € 1.5 million to UNICEF to fight cholera (press release in French)