Menaced by hunger - Some 308,000 children are malnourished in Somalia, with nearly 56,000 of them severely malnourished. See the Photo Essay >>


Treating malnutrition in South Sudan - With the European Commission's support, UNICEF and its partners have treated over 50 000 severely malnourished children this year. See the Photo Essay >>


What happens when your child is diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition in one of the poorest parts of Pakistan, Umerkot in Sindh? This is what happened to Chothi's son Nindo. Learn more >>


Mary feeds her malnourished daughter Shapiri, 1, plumpy nuts in Maban, Upper Nile, South Sudan, on September 26, 2013. More >


In Chad, fighting a nutrition crisis is far from simple
Reducing childhood malnutrition in eastern Chad requires improved health facilities and greater public awareness. More >


Together against malnutrition in Angola
In Angola, the European Union, UNICEF, World Vision, People In Need and Africare are supporting the Government’s emergency response to malnutrition. More >


Pakistan – Difference between life and death for children.
An innovative approach to malnutrition in flood-affected Sindh Province, Pakistan, can help ensure a child not only survive, but also thrive. Read more »


Chad – Health centres and community outreach tackle nutrition crisis
New health centres and community outreach are targeting the vicious circle of disease and malnutrition in Chad. Read more »


Somalia – An innovative approach to ending malnutrition
Community-based approach addresses acute malnutrition in Somalia. Read more »


Niger –  UNICEF and partners aid drought-affected families.
At the end of the farming season, Halima Isaka sat with her 10-month-old daughter at the edge of their family’s field, watching as her husband loaded a pile of dried millet stalks onto an oxcart. Read more »


Ethiopia – UNICEF and ECHO support  nutrition services for children
At one month old, Hannan Mohammed Ibrahim lost her twin sister. Soon after, their mother, Sephora Adem, fell seriously ill.  Read more »


 Kenya – UNICEF provides emergency nutrition intervention
At the paediatric ward in Lodwar District Hospital, the persistent rasping sound of babies coughing slashes through the stillness in the room.  Read more »


Uganda – UNICEF and the European Union combat malnutrition
Passing cattle is a common sight in Karamoja, where the sound of their hooves gets lost in the gusts of wind that carry dust beyond the village limit. Read more »


Kenya – Healing amidst tragedy
The European Union Humanitarian Aid Department (ECHO) responded when UNICEF needed emergency funding to help children and families. Read more »



  • Menaced by hunger

  • Treating malnutrition in South Sudan

  • UNICEF's Community Management of Acute Malnutrition in Pakistan

  • Improving Nutrition in Maban Refugee Camp

  • In Chad, fighting a nutrition crisis is far from simple

  • Together against malnutrition in Angola

  • Pakistan – Difference between life and death for children

  • Chad – Health centres and community outreach tackle nutrition crisis

  • Somalia – An innovative approach to ending malnutrition

  • Niger – UNICEF and partners aid drought-affected families.

  • Ethiopia – UNICEF and ECHO support nutrition services

  • Kenya – UNICEF provides nutrition intervention

  • Uganda – Combatting malnutrition

  • UNICEF & ECHO: Partners for children

  • Kenya – Healing amidst tragedy


Hunger still stalks Somali children

BAIDOA, Somalia - 24 December 2015 - UNICEF's Kun Li reports from her field trip to Baidoa, where malnutrition of children is particularly high and describes her visit to the outpatient therapeutic feeding centre run by UNICEF partner Deeg-Roor Medical. Read more>>

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Chad, 3 December 2015 - Youth use photography to highlight EU support on nutrition in Chad. With ECHO’s support, UNICEF Chad targets to treat 150 000 children suffering from malnutrition in 2015. Read more >>

Trying to turn the tide on malnutrition in Yemen

Hajjah, Yemen, 16 October 2015 - Months of conflict have had a devastating impact on the civilian population in Yemen. Access to basic services, especially health care, is a struggle. Even before the war, Yemen had one of the highest child malnutrition rates in the world, with more than half of all children under five stunted. Read more >>

Superwoman Darasalam at the heart of fighting malnutrition in Chad

Chad, 28 October 2015 - Passionate and hardworking Chadian health workers like Nutrition Counsellor Darasalam are at the frontline of saving children’s lives. Find out more >>

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a partnership to save children from malnutrition

KAILO, Democratic Republic of Congo, 13 October 2015 - Through community engagement, a partnership between UNICEF and the European Union helps address the high levels of malnutrition in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read more >>

Harmonizing nutrition assessment to address the gaps

Netrokona, Bangladesh, 16 March, 2015 - At the age of seven months, parents expect rapid physical development in their children as they gain weight and grow stronger. But housewife Mina Akter saw in despair the opposite in her youngest son. Read more >>


UNICEF addresses malnutrition among South Sudan refugee children

RHINO REFUGEE CAMP, UGANDA, 28 May 2015 - Originally from South Sudan, Buol and her family now live in Rhino camp having fled their home country due to war. Asked why she was at the Health Centre, Buol tells us she had come to collect plumpy nut, a ready-to-use therapeutic food, with extra nutrients for malnourished children. Read more >>

Nutrition interventions give refugee children a second chance to life

NORTHERN UGANDA, 15 April 2015 - “The twins love milk, Martha Amour says with a smile. The twins have just recovered from acute malnutrition. Read more >>

Saving lives by linking awareness with accessible services

YEMEN, Abyan Governorate, 26 September 2014 - Learn about our community based infant and young child feeding (IYCF) programme. In Al-Zahra school, parents and children learn how to make simple, healthy, nutritious food for children. Read more >>

In Pakistan, ECHO Funds Help UNICEF Counter Malnutrition

In the Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan, women have come to attend a session on health and nutrition being conducted by a Health and Nutrition Educator at the Basic Health Unit (BHU) Urmar Miana. Read more »

European Commission’s Humanitarian Office supports fight against child malnutrition in Sudan with grant of €2 million for UNICEF

KHARTOUM, Sudan/ BRUSSELS, 22 January 2014 - UNICEF Sudan will receive €2 million from the European Commission’s Humanitarian Office to help in the fight against child malnutrition in Sudan. Read more »

Preventing, detecting and healing malnutrition in Mali

DOMBILA, 25 October 2013 – As a direct result of inadequate nutrition, children in Mali suffer from the effects of malnutrition. The European Commission's Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO) and UNICEF work hand-in-hand to address this issue.
Read more »

Fighting malnutrition in Gambia

Gambia, 25 July 2013 - The Gambia received funding to further enhance the national nutrition programme and provide support for the treatment of medical complications associated with malnutrition in children under 5.

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With malnutrition and vulnerability on the rise in Central African Republic, agencies respond

BANGUI, Central African Republic, 10 July 2013 – Normal family life came to an abrupt halt when the armed coalition Seleka took control of Bangui and seized power in March this year.

Read more »
UNICEF-supported health centres combat malnutrition in Niger

TAKIETA, Niger, 4 January 2011 – Seeking shade from the scorching midday heat, a small crowd of mothers who have brought their children in for malnutrition screening gather at the public health centre in Niger’s south-central Maradi Region.

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In Somalia, UNICEF-supported programme treats malnutrition before it becomes life-threatening

HARGEISA, Somalia, 30 December 2010 – Salman Haji, 4, stands in the corner of a tin-walled hut, solemnly staring at the man in the white coat as he searches through an impressive amount of official looking paper spread across a large table in a seemingly random fashion. Eventually, a yellow medical card is found recording the details of Salman’s last visit to this mobile clinic, located on the outskirts of Hargeisa..

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Community mobilizers help to fight childhood malnutrition in Somalia

HARGEISA, Somalia, 22 December 2010 – Halima Awali, 60, shushes the crowd of boisterous children gathered around her and proclaims, “I was there to bring almost all of these babies into the world.” Squinting into the fierce noon Somaliland sun, the smiling grandmother adds, “Now I am here to make sure all of them stay here."

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Niger: war on malnutrition (On euronews)

Many mothers just do not know how good breast milk is for their babies, especially in the first six months. In Niger, for example, it is the custom to give babies water to drink in the hottest months, even if it has come from a polluted source, which is often the case.

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In drought-stricken Madagascar, community health agents save lives

ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar, 26 May 2010 – Thousands of children were treated for severe acute malnutrition last year in southern Madagascar, where lack of rain and crop failures continue to threaten food security. Across the affected zone, more than 230,000 children under five years old remain at risk of malnutrition.

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Nutrition for East Sudan: CMAM in Action

As a fan whirs overhead, circulating the air in the hot, arid environment of Kassala State, Fatima Mohammed sits in the Um al-Gora health clinic with her child, Alawiya.

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