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Ethiopia, 15 December 2014: One year on – South Sudan refugee children still in need of life saving support

Ethiopia, October 2014: Global Handwashing Day (GHD) 2014 celebrated in Oromia

Ethiopia, 28 November 2014: 40,000 Run celebrating women

Ethiopia, 25 November 2014: How can we redefine the world’s view to make the case for protecting girls?

Ethiopia, 20 October 2014: Girl’s empowerment: the key to development

Ethiopia, 11 September 2014: New Year, portable water – How we spent our Ethiopian New Year

Ethiopia, 4 September 2014: Danish diplomats observe progress in child protection

Ethiopia, 2 September 2014: Making Shebelle river clean and safe a priority

Ethiopia, 12 May 2014: Nationwide Polio Vaccination Campaign Reaches 13 Million Children

Ethiopia, 25 August 2014: UNICEF provides much needed clean water to new refugees from South Sudan and the local communities hosting them

Ethiopia, 25 June 2014: Education in adversity: South Sudanese refugee children insist on their right to attend school

Ethiopia, 22 July 2014: Ethiopia commits to eliminating child marriage and FGM by 2025

Ethiopia, 17 July 2014: Divergent Journeys – Child Marriage and Education

Ethiopia, 17 July 2014: Abduction survivor Gelane Degefa is clear where her priorities lay

Ethiopia, 5 June 2014: A day in the life of a well-fed child

Ethiopia, 1 February 2014: UNDSG Jan Eliasson washes hands with ashes in Ethiopia

Ethiopia, 15 March 2014: Safe water and sanitation services for South Sudanese mothers and children

Ethiopia, 3 April 2014: Health Extension Workers: Key to Reducing Malnutrition

Ethiopia, November 2013: Africa needs to invest on its children’s future: Angélique Kidjo

Ethiopia, 1 November 2013: In Ethiopian villages, improving water and nutrition lays groundwork for a better future

Ethiopia, 3 October 2013: Nationwide Polio Vaccination Campaign to reach 13 million children

Ethiopia, 13 September 2013: In Ethiopia, a far-reaching health worker programme has helped reduce child mortality across the country

Ethiopia, 9 August 2013: Celebrating nutrition achievements in Wolaita

Ethiopia, 18 July 2013: Street Child Turned Entrepreneur Inspires UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson During Visit to Ethiopia

Ethiopia, 11 December 2012: Placing institutions and adoption practices under scrutiny - and reuniting children with their families

Ethiopia, 29 November 2012: Children speak out on key issues at the third Pan African Forum on Children, held in Addis Ababa

Ethiopia, 30 October 2012: A community takes measures to protect girls from harmful practices including child marriage

Ethiopia, 6 August 2012: More HIV-positive mothers deliver babies free of the virus

Ethiopia, 25 July 2012: In Ethiopia's refugee camps, life-saving assistance for Somali arrivals

Ethiopia, 25 July 2012: UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson visits programmes for adolescents, micro-enterprise

Ethiopia, 5 July 2012: Health services are protecting drought-affected children from malnutrition

Ethiopia, 16 June 2012: The expansion of rural health services is key to reducing child mortality

Ethiopia, 10 May 2012: In rural Ethiopia, UNICEF and ECHO support community-based nutrition services for children

Ethiopia, 29 March 2012: Mobile health teams bring medical care to pastoralists in remote regions

Ethiopia, 29 December 2011: Bringing child pneumonia deaths down to zero

Horn of Africa, 5 October 2011: Rethinking the humanitarian response to drought, conflict and famine

Ethiopia, 21 September 2011: Field diary – A safety net for families at risk in drought-prone Tigray

Ethiopia, 5 September 2011: Children help younger friends and neighbours prepare for primary school

Horn of Africa, 31 August 2011: At African Union pledge event, Ghanaian boy calls for urgent action on Horn of Africa crisis

Ethiopia, 29 August 2011: UNICEF-supported mass vaccination campaign in Ethiopian refugee camp continues

Ethiopia, 25 August 2011: UNICEF-supported outpatient therapeutic feeding programmes provide life-saving services

Ethiopia, 12 August 2011: Government of Japan supports therapeutic feeding to treat malnutrition

Ethiopia, 12 August 2011: Mothers struggle to feed their children amidst drought crisis

Ethiopia, 5 August 2011: Community Based Nutrition programme holds off hunger in drought-prone Ethiopia

Horn of Africa, 5 August 2011: A greater humanitarian response is needed as crisis deepens

Horn of Africa, 29 July 2011: UNICEF and partners race against time as crisis worsens

Horn of Africa, 26 July 2011: UNICEF delivers crucial supplies as the situation deteriorates

Ethiopia, 26 July 2011: UNICEF-supported programme fights malnutrition amidst severe drought

Horn of Africa, 6 July 2011: 10 million in need of urgent aid amidst drought, conflict and high food prices

Ethiopia, 4 July 2011: UNICEF helps meet water supply challenges in drought-hit Raya Azebo district

Kenya & Ethiopia, 6 June 2011: UNICEF and European Union respond as climate change alters lives in Kenya and Ethiopia

Ethiopia, 21 April 2011: Health workers and community members work together to prevent child malnutrition

Ethiopia, 21 April 2011: African adolescents gather to review progress on youth development

Ethiopia, 21 April 2011: Student-run WASH club promotes proper sanitation and hygiene practices

Ethiopia, 1 April 2011: UNICEF Executive Director sees equity strategy accelerating education

Ethiopia, 20 January 2011: Two districts in northern Ethiopia declare an end to female genital cutting

Ethiopia, 12 November 2010: National campaign provides life-saving vaccinations

Japan, 9 November 2010: Ethiopian short film wins UNICEF Prize at international contest

Ethiopia, 3 November 2010: African Development Forum builds consensus on climate change and sustainable growth

Ethiopia, 16 September 2010: In the parched regions, a water and sanitation programme reaches out

Ethiopia, 24 August 2010: With UNICEF and European Union support, young women lead the fight against FGM

Ethiopia, 6 August 2011: Health extension workers bring care to new mothers in rural areas



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