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Rwanda, 2 November 2015: UNICEF joins celebrations to mark the Maternal and Child Health Week, together with Global Handwashing Day

Rwanda, 22 June 2015: Vaccination Week supported by UNICEF at Mahama Refugee Camp

Rwanda, 11 May 2015: Celebrating academic excellence and lifelong mentorship for girls

Rwanda, 27 March 2015: National partnership on children with disabilities

Rwanda, 25 March 2015: Scaling up home fortification

Rwanda, 15 October 2014: Thousands of people receive the message of hand washing with soap during the 7th global Hand Washing Day celebrations

Rwanda, 15 October 2014: Learning through Play: Enhancing the skills of pre-primary school teachers

Rwanda, February 2014: School based mentors support English instruction in schools

Rwanda, 12 December 2013: Innovative ways to combat Malnutrition continues in Rwanda

Rwanda, 12 July 2013: New Early Childhood Development and Family Centre ensures the best start in life for children of Kayonza

Rwanda, 14 June 2013: Young people voice their views on Rwanda’s development

Rwanda, 25 April 2013: Rwanda is first sub-Saharan African country to introduce dual measles and rubella vaccine

Rwanda, 20 March 2013: In Rwanda, helping Congolese refugee children be children again

Rwanda, 11 December 2012: Through its early childhood development programme, UNICEF helps build a strong foundation for refugee children at Kigeme camp

Somalia, 6 August 2012: Aid trickles into Somalia's drought hit Baidoa region as militant group Al-Shabaab moves out

Rwanda, 31 July 2012: Ambitious move to close down children’s institutions and improve childcare system

Rwanda, 12 June 2012: With pneumonia and diarrhoea vaccines, country makes gains in child survival

Rwanda, 17 April 2012: Helping babies grow up HIV-free

Rwanda, 11 January 2012: Voices of the most vulnerable children heard at Rwanda’s annual National Children’s Summit

Rwanda, 24 January 2012: Community-based nutrition programmes are empowering communities to treat and prevent malnutrition

Rwanda, 17 January 2012: Improving schools for children with disabilities

5 December 2011: International Volunteer day

Rwanda, 15 July 2011: Providing comprehensive care to young people living with HIV

Rwanda, 3 June 2011: Sylvain's story: A former child soldiers on the road to a new life

Rwanda, 21 March 2011: Eco latrines improve quality of life in earthquake-affected communities

Rwanda, 15 February 2011: One stop centre provides a refuge for victims of domestic violence

Rwanda, 20 January 2011: Japan funds ongoing support for children and families affected by 2008 earthquake

Rwanda, 26 October 2010: Rays of hope emerge after a deadly earthquake

Rwanda, 27 September 2010: Pneumonia vaccine fights top killer of children

Rwanda, 23 June 2010: Student films premier during FIFA World Cup 2010



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