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Somalia, 26 April 2016: Prolonged drought pushes communities to the brink

Somalia, 20 April 2016: Remembering my mom: Woki Munyui, UNICEF Education specialist

Somalia, 15 April 2016: Never too old to learn – a grandmother’s story

Somalia, 11 April 2016: Malnutrition rates among children in IDP camps have complex causes

Somalia, 23 March 2016: A teenager who suffered through FGM/C works with her community to end the practice

Somalia, 15 March 2016: Former circumciser leads the campaign against FGM/C

Somalia, February 2016: Drought leave students without schools in Puntland

Somalia, March 2016: Cleaners in Somaliland schools are finally paid thanks to JPLG

Somalia, March 2016: Support from JPLG ensures a fire-gutted school reopens in record time

Somalia, March 2016: A second return

Somalia, March 2016: Drought in northern Somalia forces families to travel long distances in search of water

Somalia, February 2016: Fresh start after life as a child solder

Somalia, 15 November 2015: Measles campaign launched

Somalia, 19 February 2016: Once in a lifetime training opportunity for female teachers

Somalia, 11 February 2016: Never look back – former Somali child soldiers craft new lives

Somalia, 11 February 2016: Free mother and child health services launched with UNICEF’s support in Jubaland

Somalia, February 2016: A displaced family in Baidoa talk about their lives

Somalia, January 2016: Educate-a-Child boosts enrolment in Berbera

Somalia, January 2016: Joint measles and birth registration campaign provides 100,000 children with birth certificates

Somalia, December 2015: Early warning means quick response to El Niño rains

Somalia, December 2015: European Union helping Somali residents to end decades-long water shortage

Somalia, December 2015: UNICEF and the Global Fund fighting malaria together

Somalia, December 2015: Nearly 56,000 Somali children still suffering from severe acute malnutrition

Somalia, December 2015: Five years since the famine, children are still stalked by the menace of hunger

Somalia, November 2015: School children spread the word about life saving vaccinations

Somalia, October 2015: Survivors of rape given support by Japan-funded Centre

Somalia, 2 October 2015: The 196th nation to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Somalia, 1 October 2015: Children take part in the World’s Largest Lesson on UN Goals

Kenya, 15 September 2015: A convert to peace building

Somalia, 6 September 2015: “Water is Life” – new water system transforms village life

Somalia, 8 September 2015: Somaliland pledges to increase literacy by 2030

Somalia, August 2015: Photographs by Somali children provide unique insight into their priorities

Somalia, 3 September 2015: Somali youth use video to tell the authorities about community problems

Somalia, August 2015: A new latrine is the pride and joy of Somali families

Somalia, 21 May 2015: Birth registration in Somaliland

Somalia, 14 April 2015: Learning for Peace

Somalia, 31 March 2015: Eleven year old Abdi inspires villagers to abandon open defecation

Somalia, March 2015: Providing safe and reliable water in schools and health centres

Somalia, March 2015: Improving urban water service delivery in Somaliland

Somalia, March 2015: A sachet of micronutrient powder a day boosts children’s health and development

Somalia, 16 February 2015: UNICEF works to save the lives of Somali mothers

Somalia, 16 February 2015: Children snap thousands of extraordinary photos of their lives with UNICEF support

Somalia, February 2015: A new maternity ward in Borama, Somaliland to help save the lives of mothers and their newborns

Somalia, 5 February 2015: Former circumcision practitioner, Asha, talks about how she was persuaded to give up her work

Somalia, 29 January 2015: Japanese Government's support to Somali children

Somalia, 23 January 2015: Communication for Development work on polio in Puntland

Somalia, 20 January 2015: The Convention on the Rights of the Child ratified by the Somali President in front of hundreds of school children

Somalia, 7 January 2015: UNICEF helps Somaliland street children reunite with their families

Somalia, 6 January 2015: Shab’aan’s story

Somalia, 17 December 2014: FAO, WHO & UNICEF join forces to fight against polio, measles and livestock diseases

Somalia, 3 December 2014: Villagers in northern Somalia battle against female circumcision

Somalia, 2 December 2014: Government’s Go 2 School campaign brings children to class for the first time

Somalia, 28 November 2014: A teenager pursues her dreams with the help of her school

Somalia, 18 November 2014: Social mobilizers are key to the fight against polio

Somalia, 20 November 2014: On the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child – It is time to focus on the children

Somalia, 10 November 2014: Somaliland schools see the benefits of increased local government involvement

Somalia, November 2014: A teacher so keen to be trained, she takes her baby to the classroom

Somalia, 10 October 2014: New cold chain in Puntland to improve immunization services for children

Somalia, 15 September 2014: UNICEF uses emergency airlifts to save the lives of children in areas unreachable by road

Somalia, 7 July 2014: Mother walks for three days to find treatment for her severely malnourished toddler

Somalia, 16 July 2014: Toddler in northern Somalia is paralysed by polio – one of four new cases this year

Somalia, 1 July 2014: Child Health Days reinforce routine immunization

Somalia, 8 September 2014: First year of Go 2 School Campaign sees thousands of children in class for the first time

Somalia, 26 August 2014: Women take lead in in water management in Puntland

Somalia, 20 August 2014: UN Special Representative for Children in Armed Conflict visits Somalia

Somalia, 31 July 2014: Testimonies on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

Somalia, August 2014: UN agencies overcome hurdles to visit remote Puntland to investigate polio outbreak

Somalia, 2 April 2014: A young fighter for Al Shabaab turns his life around

Somalia, March 2014: UNICEF focus on improving access to water to reduce burden on women and children

Somalia, 19 March 2014: Combatting malnutrition in Somaliland

Somalia, 14 March 2014: Regional authority introduces an official policy to end FGM/C

Somalia, 13 March 2014: Teenage girl held captive by Al Shabaab starts a new life

Somalia, 7 March 2014: Ilmi - A Champion in Puntland for Sanitation

Somalia, 7 March 2014: After four years in the Somali army, a former child combatant starts a new life

Somalia, 17 January 2014: UNICEF and partners use technology, flexible curriculum for pastoralist education

Somalia, 18 December 2013: In Somaliland, volunteer vaccinators help contain the threat of polio

Somalia, 11 October 2013: UNICEF helps Somali girls in Mogadishu, London and Oslo to make a connection

Somalia, 29 November 2013: Upgrades in care save the lives of mothers and newborns in Somalia

Somalia, 13 November 2013: Important Religious Ruling against all forms of female circumcision signed in Puntland, North Eastern Somalia

Somalia, 18 November 2013: Programme provides a full courseload for pastoralist girls in Somalia

Somalia, November 2013: Historic Somali Joint Health and Nutrition Programme signed

Somalia, 27 October 2013: World Sight Day marked in Mogadishu with performances and poetry by blind school students

Somalia, 14 October 2013: UNICEF support helps reduce the time Amina spends in search of water

Somalia, 3 October 2013: Go-2-School campaign aims to put one million children in the classroom

Somalia, 9 September 2013: Children attending school for the first time talk about their hopes for the future

Somalia, September 2013: Girls flock to free primary school set up by women teachers

Somalia, 14 August 2013: In Somalia, a major campaign to stop the spread of polio

Somalia, 18 July 2013: Polio outbreak in Somalia threatens to spread

Somalia, 9 July 2013: Increasing numbers of children paralysed by polio in Somalia

Somalia, June 2013: Religious leader’s battle to end female circumcision in Somalia

Somalia, 20 June 2013: UNICEF support offers hope for children with disabilities in Somaliland

Somalia, 18 June 2013: First High Level Conference on Education in several years opens in Mogadishu

Somalia, 5 March 2013: Solar power brings water to rural communities in Somalia

Somalia, 30 April 2013: Groundbreaking new vaccine will save lives in Somalia

Somalia, 13 December 2012: UNICEF leads Child Health Days to stem the tide of preventable childhood diseases

Somalia, 29 November 2012: Somali teenager attends the Pan African Forum on Children to highlight the problems of children in her country

Somalia, 22 November 2012: UNICEF supports efforts to push back against a tide of violence against women and girls

Somalia, 15 November 2012: Months after famine conditions have ended, health centres across southern Somalia help children suffering from malnutrition

Kenya, 15 October 2012: Minors find essential care in a refugee camp supported by UNICEF

Somalia, 4 October 2012: Scholarships help Somali girls cross barriers to education

Somalia, 27 July 2012: Field Diary: Recovering from a brush with death

Somalia, 26 July 2012: Fuel-efficient stoves prevent sexual violence and generate income for vulnerable families

Ethiopia, 25 July 2012: In Ethiopia's refugee camps, life-saving assistance for Somali arrivals

Somalia, 25 July 2012: Field Diary: A mourning mother in Mogadishu

Somalia, 20 July 2012: Daily hardship remains a way of life for many children

Somalia, 19 July 2012: One year after Somalia's famine, a story of recovery

Somalia, 19 July 2012: One year after the declaration of famine, Somalia sees signs of progress

Somalia, 22 March 2012: Safe water remains scarce, contributing to disease and malnutrition

Somalia, 15 December 2011: UNICEF and SAACID promote exclusive breastfeeding in Somalia's drought-affected communities

Horn of Africa, 5 October 2011: Rethinking the humanitarian response to drought, conflict and famine

Somalia, 14 September 2011: UNICEF supports stabilization centres to treat malnourished children

Kenya, 19, September 2011: In Kenyan camps, vaccine protects Somali refugee children from killer pneumonia.

Horn of Africa, 2 September 2011: Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow issues urgent appeal after visiting Somali refugees

Somalia, 31 August: 2011: School is a safe haven for children displaced by famine and conflict

Horn of Africa, 31 August 2011: At African Union pledge event, Ghanaian boy calls for urgent action on Horn of Africa crisis

Somalia, 25 August 2011: UNICEF mounts urgent response to contain the spread of cholera

Somalia, 22 August 2011: Schooling continues for IDPs and incoming children amidst drought crisis

Somalia, 10 August 2011: Feeding centres treat malnourished children amidst famine in southern Somalia

Horn of Africa, 5 August 2011: A greater humanitarian response is needed as crisis deepens

Horn of Africa, 29 July 2011: UNICEF and partners race against time as crisis worsens

Horn of Africa, 26 July 2011: UNICEF delivers crucial supplies as the situation deteriorates

Kenya, 26 July 2011: Field diary: the road to Dadaab

Kenya, 18 July 2011: Amidst regional drought, malnutrition imperils thousands of refugee children in Dadaab

Kenya, 13 July 2011: Amidst the region's worst drought in decades, Somali refugees crowd camps in Kenya

Kenya, 13 July 2011: UNICEF responds to Horn of Africa food crisis that has left 2 million children malnourished

Horn of Africa, 6 July 2011: 10 million in need of urgent aid amidst drought, conflict and high food prices

Somalia, 21 April 2011: Field diary: UNICEF helps provide water to drought-hit regions

Somalia, 11 April 2011: Child Protection Advocates provide a safety net for vulnerable children

Somalia, 31 March 2011: Gender equality classes help teenage girls stay in school

Somalia, 13 January 2011: UNICEF and Japan support improved education and health for vulnerable Somali children

Somalia, 28 December 2010: Community mobilizers help to fight childhood malnutrition

Somalia, 9 June 2010: In remote communities, Child Health Days bring life-saving services to women and children

Somalia, 29 September 2010: Despite challenges, partners of UNICEF strive to reach women and children in Mogadishu

Somalia, 13 May 2010: Visiting Somalia, UNICEF Regional Director notes progress made on safe water

Somalia, 29 July 2010: A Public-Private Partnership provides safe water to thousands

Somalia, 18 December 2009: UNICEF Radio youth reporter interviews 16-year-old Hassan Abdi Elmi about life in a Somali refugee camp



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